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The Woman in Question
Stephanie Patterson
What would you give to correct the worst mistake of your life - especially when that mistake let a k...
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The First Time
Mike Winter
Tom Black is the Government's newest recruit. He is an agent working for a top secret anti terrorist...
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Matthew Mather
500 pages of million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather's award-winning works, including his novella Enl...
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I, Darcy
T.C. Harrison
“Society believes I’m disposable. To them I Darcy Mary Elizabeth Munroe am the monster that they’ve...
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Diary of Night #1
Will Allred
Feared. Hated. Hunted. Vampires exist, but not those of myth and legend.

They are...
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BOO! A Halloween Story
George Saoulidis
Wear the mask. It will come off in the morning

When a young man from a village co...
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Sleep (A short story)
JK Neve
"Ava can't sleep. If I want to stay alive, neither should I."

When a man's new gi...
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Land of Maja
Chris Turner
Death follows Vetravincus. He and his mercenary rival are sent to take out a drug ring in the remote...
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Pocket Wilderness & Other Horrors
Jason Ingolfsland
Two brothers hike the Appalachian woods, stalked by men with brutal intentions. A man wakes up in a...
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Behold Darkness preview
LC Champlin
How do you stop a cannibal-creating virus while being held captive by a terrorist mastermind? Nathan...
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The Secret of Everdon Manor
L.C. Kincaide
How can she trust her senses when nothing is as it appears?

The party invitation...
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Courtney Konstantin
She thought she was prepared for the end of the world… until it actually came.

Alex Duncan is a m...
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13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Ta...
David Six
Here are thirteen short stories of horror and suspense to make you feel you are not alone in the roo...
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Obsidian Worlds
Jason Werbeloff
11 mind-bending sci-fi shorts.
1 must-read anthology.
Your brain will never be the...
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Supply And Demand
C.C. Edmonston
Amid the backwaters of 18th century Essex, an outlaw is tasked with collecting an overdue debt. But...
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Undad - Chapter One
Shane W Smith
More than just another zombie story, Undad is about the challenges of being a husband and father whi...
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Ionshaker desperate (Part 1 - The Manhunt)
Felix Timothy
“A Heart-Stopping, Action-Packed Thrill Ride!” – Reviews From The Heart

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Changes - A Horror Short Story
M.A. Robbins
It’s another beautiful day in a quiet American suburb.

Carl lives with his widowe...
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Dark Echoes: Tales from the Shadows
H. B. Lyne
In the darkest shadows, the deepest memories lurk. Hidden mysteries leave their mark and result in d...
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Benjamin Appleby-Dean

Amy and her friends don't know what to make of the wei...
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A Trinity of Wicked Tales-- Jilted
K.T. Rose
Stay out of their way or you'll get more than a knife in the back.
Trev is in a desperate spot. He...
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The Young Hyenas
Blake Pitcher
Chelsey and her faithful dog, Dixie, are on a mission—until they fall prey to the Hyenas, wild youth...
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Perrin Briar
They beat him.

They broke him.

They stabbed him.
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Footsteps: Austerley & Kirkgordon Origins 1
G R Jordan
"I swear if I see Austerley again, I'll kill him myself. The man's a lunatic, and he wants putting d...
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Forget Me Not
Elaine Ewertz
Allie's heart is broken. Her devious, bratty, entitled heart.

Luckily for her, i...
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David Callinan
Jack Madigan has the perfect life. He runs a mission in the Bronx helping New York's poor and homele...
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The Apollyon Game
Clive Reznor
From new horror author Clive Reznor comes a twisted horror short story where you inner demons can co...
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Joshua C. Chadd
Two brothers learn of the apocalypse after being out of touch for a few days. Returning to town, the...
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Killers and Demons Series: Books I & II
A. F. Stewart
A book bundle of the Killers and Demons Series.

Included are:

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Stan C. Smith
It’s 1868. Samuel Inwood is fulfilling his dream of exploring remote Dutch New Guinea as a naturalis...
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At Horizon's End
Chris Sarantopoulos
Death made a mistake.

The Man Who Fed On Tears always knows whose time it is to...
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Flowers Vs. Zombies: Genesis
Perrin Briar
One island. One family. A million zombies.

After a tropical storm, the Robinson f...
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Daggers In The Dark: The Uncertain Life of A...
Caroline A. Gill
Valen Kildrake has a problem:
Vampires are real,
and they are very hungry. ...
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Z-Minus 1
Perrin Briar
Once infected, the virus shuts down organs, kills nerve impulses and even reprograms the way we thin...
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The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned...
Brian Ference
Sage Holdsworth is a gifted painter with a terrible secret. She never imagined her passion would giv...
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The Good Neighbor
Evan Grant
Connor Callahan is a good neighbor. He is always keeping a watchful eye out for trouble and is quick...
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