Sometimes your husband just isn't enough... :)

These stories are written to satisfy your urge to let other men take you in any way that they want, while your dutiful husband supports and watches you! Cuckolding is quickly becoming America's go to fetish and lifestyle choice. These stories will arouse and titillate you as you experience a completely different form of intimacy between these hot wives and their devoted submissive husbands.

This giveaway also contains generally kinky stories to satisfy your desires for something new and different.

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Lucky Number Three
Sloane Peterson
Hard Bargain
Haley Pierce
Stories of Punishment: 13 Tales of Dominance...
Xandra Owens
Blue Love Books
Hotwife & cuckold Bedtime Stories - Volume 6:...
Raven Merlot
Object of my Protection
Odessa Black
His Klutz: A Bad Boy Romance
Lauren Wood
Whoops: Nobody's Perfect
David Stone