Find your next, favorite read as you get swept away to another time by an amazing hero!

The Persistence of Memory Book 1: Deja vu
Karen Janowsky
The Persistence of Memory Book 2: All Our Yes...
Karen Janowsky
Mind Timing by R. L. Saunders
Living Sensical
Boomers for the Stars (COMPLETE novella)
Sue Hollister Barr
A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days
Yorgos Ntovas
Claire, Erica and Cleo
Yorgos Ntovas
Historical Military Romance: The Conquistador...
A.J. Craft
Blood Black
Paul Devereaux
The Embodiment of Irrationality
D.J. Hoskins
Wrong Turn At Antares
Raymond Hunter
The Color of Fire
D.J. Hoskins
Smoke and Ritual (Beautiful Dark Beasts 1)
Melissa Sercia
Mark I Jacobson
Phoenix Tribute (Phoenix Throne Prequel): A S...
Heather Walker
A Time & a Place
Sarah Buhrman
Behind the Veil: Beauty and the Daemon by LaS...
LaSasha Flame
Claimed: Dark Breeds of the Lycans
LaSasha Flame
Captive of a Dark Prince
LaSasha Flame
Melissa Stevens
The Order of Moonlight
Lexi Miles
Rinse & Repeat: A Short Story
Tali Inlow
One Night With a Witch
Zoe Forward
The Jump (UNJU #1)
Gleneley L Stander
Time Walker
Lillian Wolfe
TITANS: THE RISE OF LEGENDS (Preview only, Ma...
C.J Lloyd
Cosmic Jury Duty
Ernie Howard