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M. Louis Lambert
The Ultimate Agent
Derek Borne
Subject 624
Scott Ferrell
Soldier of Charity
Luke R. Mitchell
Object of my Protection
Odessa Black
Rebel Without a Clue
kerrie noor
Preview: Curse of Souls
S Mays
Clay to Ashes
Ono Ekeh
Chameleon Moon
RoAnna Sylver
GalaXafreaks Issue 2
Andrew Pawley
Caped: The Omega Superhero, Book One
Darius Brasher
The Osidium 'Evil People'
Mark Lee Ryan
A Hard Reset: (The Disruption, Book Zero)
C.A. Huggins
Time Songs 1
Andrew Pawley
World Domination: A Supervillain Anthology
Hall and Beaulieu
The Oscillator
JK Neve
Toonopolis: Gemini
Jeremy Rodden
Action Figures - Issue One: Secret Origins
Michael Bailey
The Crashers
Magen Cubed
Matthew Jones
Super Starrella
Aurora Springer
Activation: A Jewel Series Companion
Trish Beninato
John Patrick Gallagher
Dark Vibes Issue 1
Andrew Pawley