Ready for a new Mystery & Crime book to read? Check out these great titles! Happy reading.

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Fade Out
Denise Yoko Berndt
A disillusioned cop.
A killer on the run.
Who will survive this night?

Amber Fearns handed in h...
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The Tenth Caller
Michael Bronte
He’d been the shock-jock extraordinaire, but it had been quite the fall. Blackballed and forgotten,...
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Auditory Viewpoint
Lillian Melendez
Gloria Rank has lived her entire life in the dark. Blind since birth, she has made a name for hersel...
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Littlethumb Sneezed
Truant Memphis
"Littlethumb Sneezed triumphs as both a fast-moving mystery and literary character study. Memphis wr...
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Perfect Heist
Elsa Joseph
Serena Kruger is fresh out of college and raring to make it in the world of art curation. But her li...
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Gilded Suspense - Book Bundle #2 Of Gold & Bl...
Jenny Wheeler
A heart-pounding mystery & Christmas Novella romance.
Of Gold & Blood Series 2, Books 1 & 4 – Elano...
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When the Wood Is Dry: An Edgy Catholic Thrill...
Joseph Cillo Jr.
"...a chilling, unpredictable, fascinating story..."

A crime thriller, with a strong, female lead...
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Sylvie's Cowboy: Cinderella In Reverse
Iris Chacon
Sylvie's happy life as a pampered Palm Beach socialite literally turns to horse poop when her wealth...
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Kitten Familiar
Maaja Wentz
When a suburban witch suspects murder, only a kitten can solve the case.
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Beat The Beach
Colin Devonshire
A collection of 38 short stories. Some dark, some darkly humorous. And some blacker than dark!
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Rotten to the Marrow
Matilda Swift
Cakes, kittens and... killers? The English countryside isn't all it seems!

The rural village of H...
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The Brothers
Michael Bronte
It was their thirtieth reunion at John Adams College and the brothers of Zeta Chi had come in from a...
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In the Silence
M.R. Mackenzie
Anna Scavolini hasn’t set foot in Glasgow for ten years – and she’s not short of reasons…

On her...
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Dark Project
Glenn McGoldrick
"So they hadn’t found the body. Which meant it was still at the bottom of the Tees. Or maybe washed...
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Inside of a Dog
Maaja Wentz
Do you enjoy locked door mysteries? How about playing murder in the dark?

Trapped in a lightless...
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Hollywood Underworld: A Hollywood Series
Lindy Hudis
Nick Savage was supposed to be the next sexy Hollywood heartthrob, until he turned up dead!

His p...
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Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
Natasha Dawson is a lucky woman. Her career as a fashion photographer has taken off magnificently. A...
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Dead & Buried
T.K. Eldridge
Detectives Kennedy and Donovan were partners for years. Then one of them died.
And yet, they're st...
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The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card: A Ja...
R Weir
Jarvis Mann is a private detective, whose business thrived on the mundane
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The Secret on Rum Runner's Lane
Melissa Bourbon
"THE SECRET ON RUM RUNNER'S LANE captures the uncertainty and underlying strength of women searching...
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The Bones of Louverture - First Three Chapter...
William G. Herbert
The year is 1987. After generations of turmoil and the overthrow of its latest dictator, Haiti is in...
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Spycraft and the Lash
Scott Sowers
Spycraft and the Lash is written as a slightly twisted mystery-thriller with a dash of romance throw...
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Dismantling Vindictiveness
Lillian Melendez
Christopher Parker’s architectural firm is in trouble. Business has dwindled during the recession. T...
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Murder on Autarch 1
Andrea De Magistris & Michele Perni
The Italian Best-Seller novel in its English translation!

2233. A dying planet. A brutal off-worl...
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Discovery of the Five Senses
K.N. Smith
A suspenseful incident in a forbidden preserve heightens the senses of five friends. Sight, sound, t...
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Lindy Hudis
How far would you go to get rich?

What if you were desperate? What if you were completely out of...
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