Sometimes, you just want a little romance. This giveaway has M/M, F/F, and M/F/M pairings. We have books of every possible genre--all with romance as either plot or subplot. If you want to try out a new LGBT author, here's a good place for it!

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My Manhood is Very Important to Me
Charles Harvey
Directing Traffic
Charley Descoteaux
Honey From the Lion (Love Across Time Book #2...
Jackie North
6 Days to Valentine - 2nd Edition
LE Franks
The Mistaken Fiancé
Kim Katil
Cover Me: A Badlands short story
Morgan Brice
Discord: An Iron Heretics MC Story
Michelle Frost
The Bogus Boyfriend
Rebecca James
Finding Taylor: Part One
Quinn Ward
Naughty List: A Short Story
KC Luck
Forbidden Fruit Anthology by LaSasha Flame
LaSasha Flame
Yuletide Treasure
Eliot Grayson
The Escape Room
Alexa Land
One Shot
Vicki Tharp
Toy Story
Allison Temple
Special Nights
DJ Jamison
Summer Burn
Sky McCoy
Claire, Erica and Cleo
Yorgos Ntovas
A Soho man + cowboy find romance
Stripper! A Natalie McMasters Novel
Tom Burns
R.J. Collins
Ana Night
Quill Me Now (MM Paranormal)
Jordan Castillo Price
The Second Act
H.L Day
Alyssa Turner
A Christmas Chance
Louisa Masters
The Lesbian Billionaires Club
KC Luck
Loving Kate: Love Is Complicated (Bisexual Er...
David Stone
Diamond Rough
Serenity Snow
But You're A Finance Major
Kate Hawthorne
The Seeds of Dissolution
William C. Tracy
Love Me Senseless
Susan Mac Nicol
Rock Me
Alphas Ever After (Newsletter)
Maximum Exposure
Talia Carmichael
Crimson Yuletide
Rachel Ford
Winning It All
Tanya Chris
Sweet Truths
Elouise East
Teodora Kostova
Target (The Royal Cleaner: Book One)
L.C. Mawson
Love in the Time of Lady Chablis: Prologue to...
Julia McBryant
They Won't Ask If We Don't Tell
Annabella Stone
Young Forever - a gay erotic thriller (previe...
Nathan Bay
Sunsets at Sea
Leona Windwalker
Fae: Lost Sample
Eva Blackwing
Ellie is lesbian
Ruby A. Smith
The Pick-Up
Gianni Holmes
Café Lov
Samantha Lau
To Target the Heart (Preview)
Aldrea Alien