Rick James isn't the only one who can appreciate a Super Freak. All of the free titles in this promotion feature supernatural or paranormal creatures and/or elements.

So let your hair down and your freak flag fly while you indulge in these titles that fully embrace their inner freakishness.

Grea Alexander.

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The Pack: Addison
Grea Alexander
Talon James has vowed to destroy The Black Death, a werewolf bloodline established by he and his for...
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Kristi Helvig
Jemma looks like all the other students at her private school in London, but she has something diffe...
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ID Johnson
If vampires aren't real, what did she just kill?
Cadence Findley never gave much thought to vampire...
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Cabello: Mineau
Grea Alexander
Nightmares are the stuff that answered prayers are made of.

When those involved in the cover up...
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Amarna Book I: Ida
Grea Alexander
Did the Amarna line really end with King Tutankhamun's Death?

Ancient Egypt. The last living male...
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Witches Gone Wicked: Womby's School for Waywa...
Sarina Dorie
You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teacher’s perspective at a scho...
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Sukina's Story
Chris Behrsin
Sukina must kill the king.

Since the murders of her mother, her mother's dragon, and her own drag...
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Miael: Family
Grea Alexander
Curiosity may well have killed the cat, but it damned for eternity the phoenix and the seraph.

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Amarna Book II: Book of Hawara
Grea Alexander
King Mursili II’s only hope to restore his own Hittite Kingdom to greatness is to restore the Amarna...
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Mystic Journeys
C C Solomon
Amina Langston, life mage extraordinaire, is on the verge of a break down. Bent on seeking revenge f...
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Alpha Wolf Defender
Emilia Hartley
Tess and Connor are lovers from two rival wolf packs. Tensions between the packs increase as the bea...
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Cabello: Petrika
Grea Alexander
When suddenly a darkly compelling stranger with white hair and two different colored eyes appears ou...
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Miael: Friends
Grea Alexander
Despite having everything her heart could possibly desire, Jessica can’t quite seem to shake the Pho...
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The Eighth: Intro to The Alt-World Chronicle...
Sunshine Somerville
“I’m going to die tonight.”

Esme, the Order’s current alterni, wields magic she barely understan...
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KING OF THE SEA - Teaser Edition
Madame de Boudoir
A shifter merman erotic romance novella. It’s Moulin Ro...
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Amarna Book III: Book of Raia
Grea Alexander
Hell hath no fury like a spider caught in its own web.

It’s all or nothing. Either the prophecy i...
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Miael: Lovers
Grea Alexander
When the evil specters of Jessica’s past return, threatening to take away all she has built, Jessica...
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The Shikari: Every Family Has It's Secrets
Dora Blume
A deadly betrayal, family secrets have been unveiled.
In a world ravaged by demons,
sacrifice is...
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Tamara Hart Heiner
From the outside Jayne is an ordinary high school student. On the inside, Jayne also has a special g...
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The Last Blackstone Dragon: A Blackstone Moun...
Alicia Montgomery
Henry “Hank” Lennox was the last of his family of dragon shifters, and heir to the crumbling Blackst...
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Shears Trades Swords
L.B. Sisk
Steph loves being a sheepherder and going on an occasional adventure. However, because of a recent r...
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Enchantress Undercover
A. C. Spahn
Adrienne Morales wants nothing more than to avoid spells and sorcery. Her powers as an enchantress m...
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Love is a Merciless God - found exclusively i...
Carissa Andrews
When Guardian Angel, Evangeline, fell in love with her human charge, Liam, she never expected it to...
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The Freya Snow Pup Trilogy: Books 1-3
L.C. Mawson
Follow Freya Snow during her first three years as a demon hunter as she deals with being hunted, fai...
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First Kiss of Freedom
Nichole Wolfe
She spends her nights bleeding into their hungry mouths. Flinching as their fangs sink into her fles...
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Into the Shadows PREVIEW
Sara Crawford
Chloe Chastain thought the mysterious stranger from the internet was just another obsessed fan of he...
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Wizard For Hire
Jack Simmonds
Oddball. Wizard. Killer?

Meet Felix Freeman, London’s finest Wizard P.I. Apart from the other one...
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The Impossible Creation
Betsy Flak
A nightmarish Halloween threat. A vampire hunter on red alert. Will a high school starlet end up the...
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Telescope Jim
J. S. Lome
A mysterious giant lurks in the waters of the South Seas. He has a telescope fastened to his face. H...
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The Legend Begins
Georgina Makalani
This is a new faery tale. One you haven’t heard. The story of where it all began.

In all corners...
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White Rabbit Society Part One (Instafreebie S...
Brendan Detzner
Andrew is fifteen years old. He's been sent to stay with his grandmother for the summer while his pa...
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First Bite
Abbey MacMunn
A short story from paranormal romance author Abbey MacMunn.
Waitress Madison thought she k...
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Naga's Touch
Samantha Lau
After losing his sight, Tanner, determined not to be a burden on his family, makes his way to the fo...
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A Witch Called Red
Sami Valentine
Red might not remember her enemies, but they remember her.

Taken in by a supernatural bounty hun...
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Shadows of Doubt
JM Hart
A shape-shifting plague. A group of supernatural teens. Can they control their untested gifts to pre...
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Lycan's Blood Queen
Catherine Edward
Aaron George Randolph, ruling King of the Lycans, is hell-bent on revenge for his mother’s brutal de...
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If There Be Giants [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Amidst the ruins of an ancient stone circle, a team of archaeologists uncovers a strange creature th...
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Awakening (A Necromancer's Revenge preview)
Austin Andrews
Seventeen-year-old Jin enjoyed a peaceful life until his village was ravaged.
All that lays ahead o...
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The Gilded King
Josie Jaffrey
In the Blue, the world’s last city, all is not well.
Julia is stuck within its walls. She serves th...
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Spirit Hunger
Ella J. Smyth
Dreams disappear when morning comes. They're not supposed to kill you

Adi has to stop the halluci...
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Promises Promises
Chris Andrews
Complete short story plus novel preview afterward.

When Henry goes on a camping t...
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Potion Problem: A Halloween Helper's Cozy Mys...
Linnea West
Can a non-magical witch and her witch-in-training niece solve a murder at a coven?

It’s October 1...
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Yearning Fur Stripes
D.B. Shayne
One by one, shifters are turning up dead in Durham City with a note left on their bodies that is as...
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Yuri Hamaganov

Warning, this is an emergency broadcast!

The vampire army is approach...
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Revelations: The Beginning of the End
Lauretta Hignett
Eve Horne is a cursed woman. She's certain of it now, since her teenage years were ripped apart by a...
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Lord Love a Zombie: Dead Inside: Welcome - He...
Nina Hobson
Cousins, Cynthia and Henry Forester, have been on the run since the outbreak of the virus that bring...
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More Than Bargained
Veronica Eden
A demon summoning gone wrong. Three times wrong.

Talia is many things: the lone occupant of her g...
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Dream Eater
A. V. Dalcourt
His worst nightmare made real.

Dezmond Daamon has become the legal guardian to his supernaturally...
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Edgar Allan Poe: Supernatural Hunter
Nathan Galion
We apologize, but the author has rescinded his offer.

Although he no longer wishes to provide thi...
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