Explore new universes of wonder with these free space opera & military sci-fi novels. Recharge your Kindle and hit launch. You're all set for hours of entertainment.

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Ure infectus
Caleb Wachter
Alien Hunters by Daniel Arenson
Discover Sci-Fi
The Mariner
Trevor Wyatt
Star Crusader: Hero of the Alliance
Michael Thomas
Gehenna Dawn by Jay Allan
Discover Sci-Fi
Rise the Renegade: A Rork Sollix Space Opera...
George Donnelly
Inhuman Contact
Dan Davis
Ambassador 1: Seeing Red
Patty Jansen
Nexus Point
Jaleta Clegg
The Backworlds
M. Pax
The Needle: A Cold War Prequel
Julia Vee
Descent of the Maw
Erin MacMichael