This promo is for mysteries and thrillers only, please. No horror, no war stories, no really gory blood & guts stories.

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Neven Carr
A Mystery Reader by New Voices
Living Sensical
Out of Options
Dianne Ascroft
Trust Fall
Frankie Bow
My Dark Decline
Diane Ezzard
Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
R.K. Gold
Kindred Intentions
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Remember to Forget: A Cozy Mini-Mystery
Jwyan C. Johnson
Assassin Hunter
Drew Briney
Savannah Sleuth
Alan Chaput
Lee Williams
The Lost Memories of Meriwether Klark
Sarina Dorie
Murder in the Morning Edition
Peter Bartram
Lilac and Old Gold, A Zeke Traynor Mystery
Jeff Siebold
The Lover's Portrait: An Art Mystery EXCERPT
Jennifer S. Alderson
Who Needs Justice?: Chris Seely Vigilante Jus...
Rex Bolt
The Hunt
Jacqueline Terrill
The Colombian Contract Parts 1, 2 & 3
Tomson Cobb
If The Bed Falls In
Paul Casselle
Witches Gone Wicked: Womby's School for Waywa...
Sarina Dorie
Cold Press
David Bradwell
Dead Flies
Glenn McGoldrick
Conclusive Evidence: A Novel
Al Macy
Naan of Your Business - Chapter 1
Jack Roach
Death's Confessor
Phillip Bryant
The Imperial Alchemist
A.H. Wang
Welcome to the Hotel Yalta
Victoria Dougherty