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True Blue Detective
Vito Zuppardo
Ride along with the New Orleans Police Department as the officers work together to solve unusual hap...
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The Full Moon's Slumber
Snow Eden
Cinnamon Mercy Claus ha...
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Revenge: Getting back at a Billionaire Romanc...
Fable Charm
Lucinda Spenser, Cindy to everyone who knows her, lost her father to suicide when she was eighteen....
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Unfinished Business PREVIEW
SCCunningham Books
Tara Warr has had enough, time to turn the tables on her stalker and make him suffer. A skilled mix...
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Robert F Barker
The last time DCI Jamie Carver involved a would-be victim in his hunt for a serial killer, it ended...
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Ice Where There Was None
A. S. MacKenzie
A block of ice in a Florida park. A victim posed inside.
The first officers on the scene s...
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Motel Black
Sean Hogan
Alex Greenhorn has just finished his first job—a hit on a local mobster. His first deadly sin. He's...
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The Angel of Bishopsgate - EXCLUSIVE 5 CHAPTE...
Eloise Reuben
A terrifying villain. A young woman desperate for answers. A thrilling adventure in 19th Century Lon...
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Pisces - Silver Blood Collection
D. N. Leo
Computer hacker, Lorcan, is finishing the last spy job so that he could come home and propose to his...
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A Trinity of Wicked Tales-- Jilted
K.T. Rose
Stay out of their way or you'll get more than a knife in the back.
Trev is in a desperate spot. He...
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Broken Protocol Conspiracy
Joseph Bendoski
What makes a nation believe a lie?

That’s the question Jay Nichols has been trying to answer sinc...
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Cicada Summer
Jeff Dosser
Every Generation She Feeds
For rookie park ranger, Matt Holmes, life couldn’t be better. He’s met t...
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Night Shadows
Chris Lewando
Tom doesn't mind killing the odd bad guy to make the world a better place. Helen finds herself carry...
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Conscripted - an action thriller
Chris Lowry
When a young man is following his girlfriend overseas back to her home, a future president and his t...
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David Callinan
A crazed escapee and child abuser kidnaps Mike Delaney’s wheelchair-user friend and 15-year old daug...
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Getting With the Milfs
Fable Charm
I love the ladies and, thanks to my body, fitness and stamina, the ladies love me. But after an unin...
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James Locker: The Duality of Fate
Martin Lundqvist
Struggling with his mental health, James must catch a killer connected to his past!

When James Lo...
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Fifth and Grand
Claire Ridgewood
Jeffrey Watts has more to hide then the physical and mental scars from his past. Lock your doors and...
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Malice (A Mason Black Short Story)
Adam Nicholls
It all came down to one last chase.

Mason Black has encountered more than his fair share of psych...
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Polar Bear Dawn
lyle nicholson
Detective Frank Mueller of the Anchorage Police Force flies to an oil camp in Alaska's High Arctic t...
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Macabre Morsels
Jeff Dosser
Award-winning author, Jeff Dosser presents 6 dark tales from his library of published shorts along w...
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Seduced Me: A Taboo Stepbrother Romance
Fable Charm
Jennifer is stuck in a loveless marriage. She’s bored and unfulfilled. She knows there’s more to lif...
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Savannah Sleuth
Alan Chaput
Mama's dead. Her money is gone. And her accountant is missing.

Though born to heirloom pearls, de...
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If The Bed Falls In
Paul Casselle

Depressed photographer Tom Friday is a man who can no lon...
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The Twelve Commandments
Jeff Elkins
Dropped into a world of violence, homelessness, and ruthless killers, Jose has a lot to learn. As th...
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Lena Rayner
She’s a spunky big city detective in the heat and spice of Southern Florida.

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A Thin line
David Boiani
What if a man lost his moral compass between right and wrong, good and evil, mental stability and in...
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Who Murdered Uncle Ebenezer? Bene Girls Chris...
Faith Nightingale
When You Thought Being a Christian was Safe...

Enter a world of trust, betrayal, and grappling my...
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David Callinan
'Make me beautiful, make me beautiful"

Ella Fallon makes this secret wish every n...
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The Penance List PREVIEW
SCCunningham Books
5* What happens when opposites attract and you fall for a psycho? Obsession, kidnap, murder... sexua...
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New Year's Eve Countdown to Murder: A Libby F...
Ana Bisset
Libby looks to get a break from the hustle of an investigative reporter’s workload, and a needy boyf...
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When The Guns Were Turned On Us
Christopher McGarry
The New World Order has come to the American Northwest, but that doesn't mean liberty has surrendere...
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Tupelo Gypsy (Voodoo Lucy Series 1)
Vito Zuppardo
In New Orleans where jazz bands play until the first light of dawn, murder doesn’t sleep either....
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Happily Ever After, Again
D.F. Jones
Who killed Bratten Drake?

Happily Ever After, Again is electrifying, heart-pounding romance suspe...
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My Irresistible New Stepbrother: An Alpha Bil...
Fable Charm
The night I moved into my new building, I fucked my new neighbor. I didn’t mean to; I was a good gir...
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Planet Emergency
Christian Bæk Hedegaard
Thе соmbinеd bоmbаrdmеnt causes аll сrеаturеѕ on the Earth to ѕwар mindѕ, leaving реорlе in аnimаlѕ,...
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When Houses Burn
Laurèn Lee
Dr. Delilah Hedley is a well-respected Doctor of Psychiatry in a small, affluent city on the East Co...
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Never Again
RM Alexander
Failure isn't an option ...
Ken Capewell's witness is murdered in front of him, leaving hi...
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The Redemption
David Boiani
It has been four years since the case of serial killer Silas Alvah shook the town of Seattle to its...
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On A Witch And A Spell
Misty Bane
This is a Prequel Novelette to the Blackwood Bay Witches Cozy Mystery Series.
Drusilla “Granny” Rat...
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David Callinan
A woman on the run from a ruthless cyber gang sees Mike Delaney on the street. In desperation she dr...
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The Aurora Journals Novella - Part One
Sam Nash
Doctor Pip Lawrence discovers the astounding truth behind his family’s heritage, placing himself and...
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Murderous Little Darlings (A Tale of Vampires...
John Hennessy
(Also see the prequel 'Dawn of the New Breed)

With two specimens of the undead on...
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Once Upon A Murderous Retreat
Snow Eden
JULY 12th - 16th --FREE ON AMAZON
Cinnamon is a reluctant wit...
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Aftermath - A James Stone Novella
Robert Clark
She wanted death. She found a body.

The most wanted man in Britain floats adrift in the ocean. Mo...
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The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card: A Ja...
R Weir
Jarvis Mann is a private detective, whose business thrived on the mundane
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Curious Goods - Pandora's Box (Book 1)
Bones Monroe
Paul received the worst news that a father can receive, his beautiful, precious daughter has a termi...
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13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Ta...
David Six
Here are thirteen short stories of horror and suspense to make you feel you are not alone in the roo...
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Kindred Intentions
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
24 hours. 2 people. 1 target.

It was 10 a.m. when undercover agent Amelia Jenning...
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The Psychopath's Prisoner
Darla Lark
Recently divorced, Cheyenne Harrington is trying to build a new life. But when her best friend is br...
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Environmentally Friendly
Elias Zanbaka
Out of seven billion people, one man has declared war on Mother Nature and plans to bring it to its...
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Enemy Held Territory
Thomas Wood
May 1944. Preparations for D-Day are almost finalised, but then, there's a problem.

British parat...
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An Angel On My Shoulder
David Callinan
The new Messiah is alive on Earth today but cannot read or write

Not what the pro...
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Cutthroat County
Adam Nicholls
The last thing he wanted was blood on his hands.

Sherriff Moody is just a lazy o...
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The Voice of the Beyond
Sean Hogan
Justin Wesley has been kidnapped—locked inside a basement with no way out—and the clock is ticking....
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Blood Bath in Rio
Gus Heyerdahl
Tor Medina’s first thriller! After watching his family being massacred, young Tor Medina kills a man...
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Preview: Death by Tradition: Fiji Islands Mys...
B.M. Allsopp
Must DI Joe Horseman sacrifice his chance at love to catch a killer?

Only 5 more days… Horseman c...
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My name is Finn Jupiter
Adrienne Woods
Finn Jupiter lives in the idyllic mountain town of Victory, Colorado. She’s a smart, daring, and fie...
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Jeff Dosser
Following the murder of his wife and traumatic backlash to his son, Detective Mark Boyd has retired...
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Whose Greater Good
David DeLee
Dawson has seen miscarriages of justice before—firsthand, and it cost him his family—so when Kristin...
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Murder from the Newsdesk
Peter Bartram
Join Colin Crampton, ace crime reporter on the Evening Chronicle in 1960s Brighton, in seven more co...
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Eugene Lloyd MacRae
What would you do if your government labelled you as a terrorist? And you didn't know why! On the ru...
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The Kimberley Secret: A Historical Mystery No...
Gabriel Farago
When celebrated war correspondent Jack Rogan receives a phone call during a
bloody battle in Afghan...
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The Disappeared (Short Story)
Irving Belateche
Robert Grayson was becoming invisible. There was no doubt about it. And it made sense if you took a...
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Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Series Book 1)
Lisa Edmonds
The first time Moses Murphy’s granddaughter killed on his orders, she was six years old.
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Broomsticks and Burials
Lily Webb
Nothing stays buried forever...

Unemployed reporter Zoe Clarke has spent her life chasing her big...
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Forged in Flames: action packed thriller (Mas...
David Beckler
Introduction to a nail-biting new thriller series which will have you on the edge of your seat! Perf...
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Crime Chowder Preview
Hillary Avis
Chef Bethany Bradstreet serves up soup with a side of gunpowder in this suspenseful series starter....
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Dark Origins: Herr Graden: Book 1: Short Stor...
Bill Hargenrader
Short Story Size: 10,000 Words / 40 Pages Print
Everyone starts somewhere... even villains....
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It Began With a Lie
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
A fresh start. That was what Becca hoped the move from New York to Redemption, Wisconsin would be fo...
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