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A Brush with Vampires (The Vampire Hunters of...
Betsy Flak
He hunts bloodsuckers. She's got power like he's never seen. To keep their school safe, he'll put hi...
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Abigail Castle
What would you do?

It’s never easy to confront those that are doing something dangerous. Especi...
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Arestana: The Key Quest
Shawn P. B. Robinson
Liam can’t get home.

He’s stuck in a world he never thought existed, facing odds he can’t beat. T...
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Human Familiar
Honor Raconteur
Chaotic magic is destroying the known world one shard at a time. Conventional magic doesn’t work. Bu...
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C.S. Vass
She’s an orphan, abused…and deadly.

Years of training have tempered her abilities like goddess-bl...
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The Impossible Creation
Betsy Flak
A nightmarish Halloween threat. A vampire hunter on red alert. Will a high school starlet end up the...
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The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: A Nose for...
Chris McCloskey
Thirteen-year-old Terrance O’Connor finds himself in the front hall of retired police chief Leroy Go...
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Saving the Fairies of Serenia
Elsa Bridger
Twin sisters, Sophie and Felicity, happen across a plain, leather-bound notebook at their school, on...
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Hart's Longing
Marisa Masterson
A man who has loved her for five years without telling her…

Only two weeks before he has to leave...
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The Cult That Raised Me
Leo Brown
When moral ambiguity clashes with Nic's religious indoctrination she must decide if the boy of her d...
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Between the Sea & Sand
Deirdre Riordan Hall
As Amara, a former mero, adapts to life on land, she feels the strong call of the sea, summoning her...
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Cost of Freedom
Leo Brown
The coming of age tale continues as Nic Patterson finds herself once more facing the epic trials of...
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Treasure of the Malkin
Virginia Ripple
Can a time-traveling feline stop an ignorant young mage from bringing hell and damnation to the 21st...
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The Tales of Barnley Forest: The Golden Child
Jem McCusker
Oliver Clawfoot holds the esteemed title of Border Crosser – He is the last of his kind.

What be...
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Short Or Tall Doesn't Matter At All
Asaf Rozanes
A fun read, a tool for life, a hidden object game and a coloring book - All in one book!

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Under The Light Of A Full Moon
D.A. McGrath
Every family has its secrets, but Clara’s family secret is, frankly, unbelievable…

Clara doesn’t...
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Imperium Academy PREVIEW
Rebecca Bosevski
A genetic leap gave her powers, but before she can take up the cape, Ellen will have to brave Imperi...
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Awakening (A Necromancer's Revenge preview)
Austin Andrews
Seventeen-year-old Jin enjoyed a peaceful life until his village was ravaged.
All that lays ahead o...
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Tupelo Honey
Lis Anna-Langston
A humorous, unconventional family yarn about a young girl navigating a hardscrabble upbringing in no...
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C.S. Vass
Fiona is going to die…

…unless she betrays someone she loves.

Magical poison flows through her...
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The Gilded King
Josie Jaffrey
In the Blue, the world’s last city, all is not well.
Julia is stuck within its walls. She serves th...
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The Great War of the Kins
Rae Knightly

The Toreq and the A'hmun, once brother civilizations from neighbouring planet...
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Tardy Bells and Witches' Spells PREVIEW: Wom...
Sarina Dorie
Nerdy high school outcast, CLARISSA LAWRENCE, has always felt like she didn’t belong in this world....
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Madeline Dyer
In a world where addiction is encouraged, one girl must fight to stay clean...

As one of the last...
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Diary of a Snoopy Cat
R.F. Kristi
Read the hilarious and breathtaking antics of Inca and her family of furry friends as recorded throu...
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The Fine Owl Solution
C. Ryan Carlson
Cats don't kill presidents. CONSPIRACIES do.

The stage is set. High-level players are out to kill...
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Tillie and the Golden Phantom
Heather B. Moon
Absolutely BONKERS! That’s what Tillie Longbottom thought about time travel … until it happened to h...
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Dylan's Cosydoze
Elsa Joseph
gone? And can Mum
and Dad get Dylan to sleep without it?

A funny, heart-...
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Someone To Kiss My Scars
Brooke Skipstone
Hunter needs to remember. Jazz needs to forget. They need each other to heal in this teen thriller o...
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The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
The Duke of Wilmington receives a letter from his boyhood friend, informing him that he has the answ...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
This is the first book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of...
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BLOOD OF LILITH (Lilitus Series #1)

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Violet witnesses the murder of he...
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