From old tales and myths, these creatures have come forth to steal hearts!

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Queen of Swords
L. A. McGinnis
A Thousand Faces
Janci Patterson
Lycan's Blood Queen
Catherine Edward
Rise of the Blood Lust
Ashley Zakrzewski
McKayla Schutt
Sink: Old Man's Tale
Perrin Briar
Monique Singleton
Fire Magic
Alphas Ever After (Newsletter)
Kiss of the Dragon ARC
J. Rose Allister
ID Johnson
Fate's Illusion (Truth's Harem Book 1)
Allyson Lindt
Melissa Stevens
Red as Blood - Book One of 'Tales of Blood an...
Simone Leigh
The Gilded King
Josie Jaffrey
Crashing into You
Lisa Kumar
Skip: Book 1
Perrin Briar
Once upon a Silent Song: A Little Mermaid Ret...
A. R. Summers
Phoenix Tribute (Phoenix Throne Prequel): A S...
Heather Walker
Given to the Alpha
Nevaeh Knight
Birth of the Sand Viper: Origins of Jafar by...
LaSasha Flame
Naga's Touch
Samantha Lau
Fae's Queen: The Crown of Myth
Mira Crest
Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale
Tracy Falbe
Dark Rising (Dark Tide Chronicles Full)
M.A. Gonzales
Advance Reader Copy (ARC) Captive Flame
Alphas Ever After (Newsletter)
Bound by a Dragon
Linda K. Hopkins
Dead Girls Don't Cry
Casey Wyatt