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BLOODLINES: The League of Twelve
K, Matthews N. Fishfish
What's your sign? What if your birth sign was more than a cliché blurb in the newspaper? What if, in...
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A New Pack for New Year
Kiki Clark
Injured and terrified, Victor runs for his life and right into the arms of the last person he expect...
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The Forgotten Ones
Crystal Dawn
When Ariel’s friends convince her to go out for a ladies night with them, she doesn’t realize her wh...
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Archer of the Heathland: Intrigue
J.W. Elliot
A rogue Duke, a beautiful woman, and a deadly mission.

Weyland, the best archer i...
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Lost Friday
Michael Bronte
It’s September 25th, and the entire town of Sea Beach, New Jersey, has no recollection of what happe...
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Presidential Risk
Michael Bronte
Dead presidents play a supernatural game of Risk, the board game of world domination, and their move...
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Funnel Cakes & Overly Specific Fortunes
KP Maxwell
Clayton Dean does not believe in magic. But when his bandmates drag him out to the same summer stree...
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Whispering Willows
Patty Jansen
Friends and family on the farm know that Loesie makes up most of the things she says about magic. So...
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The Leprechaun Wars
Wes Snowden
"The Leprechaun Wars by author Wes Snowden is a mystical leap into the mind of a master storyteller....
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production)
What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corn...
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caitlin's collection of stories
Caitlin Phipps
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TITANS: THE RISE OF LEGENDS (Preview only, Ma...
C.J Lloyd
Fifteen-year-old Elric Blake always saw himself as a comic-book-loving goober of an outcast, never a...
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Shiela Crerar, Psychic Detective
Nicole Jones-Dion
“Lady of gentle birth, Scottish, young, penniless, possessing strong psychic powers, will devote her...
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The Mirror: A Haunted House Horror Novel
Empire Fiction
A search for solace. A vile thirst for revenge. And a riveting struggle for Lily’s survival.
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A Demon in the Desert
Ashe Armstrong
Grimluk is an orc with one purpose: hunting demons.

The Wastelands mining town of Greenreach Bluf...
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Rachel Sullivan
Well behaved women seldom make history, but they still end up as the monsters in folklore.

The H...
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The Mysterious World Of Professor Darkk And M...
Jeff Walker
It is a secondary world that remains hidden in the depths of the shadows, where fears and nightmares...
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Merry Friggin' Christmas: An Edgy Christmas C...
Joseph Cillo Jr.
2019 Illumination Book Awards Bronze Medalist!

"A funny book about Christmas and a dead comedy ma...
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Amelia & Athers
Timothy S Currey
Amelia & Athers had worked together well countless times. This mission was just like any other....
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Gail Z. Martin
A ghostly cat may be the only clue to help Cassidy, Sorren and Teag stop a necromancer's deadly spre...
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The Isle of Thamber
Timothy S Currey
In the massive City-Tree Arbalith, nothing matters more than wealth and prestige. Thurso Diamante is...
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The Binding
David Phifer
When evil finds you, do you fight or flee?
Serena is a world class necromancer, a self-proclaimed m...
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Eden Butler
Bane Illes never smiled.
He never spoke.
But each day, that brooding wizard gave Janiver Benoit a...
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Becca Princess of Sona
Luna Fox
Eighteen-year-old Becca is a regular kid. At least on the outside. Everything is fine until she dial...
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The Harvest Moon
Joshua Ian
England, 1834.

On the night of a harvest moon, in the shadow of Mabon, Malcolm comes across a qua...
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Arcadian Barrett
Since its inception, the Kingdom of Camoor has been led by warrior Queens who would do anything to k...
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Daemon Bound
Ann Sepino
"A dangerous quest awaits them."

The Elven Princess is gone, and it's up to Nagmali to bring her...
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Silent Meridian
Elizabeth Crowens
A 19th century X-Files meets H.G. Wells's The Time Machine featuring Arthur Conan Doyle and his para...
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This Cursed Light
Selina J. Eckert
With one wish she could change it all, but these djinn don’t grant wishes.

Shapeshifting djinn Sa...
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Sons of Darkness Excerpt
Gail Z. Martin
When a series of disappearances, suicides, and vengeful spirits cause havoc and death along a remote...
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The Discovery of the Grim Reaper
Bedrettin Simsek
Bedrettin Simsek, the heterodox author of Turkish literature, in his book ‘Miracle Device' features...
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Seven Crowns
Evelina Everest
A crown is dangerous. A crown split seven ways is deadly.

Sixteen-year-old Ana is far from royalt...
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Magnificent (Book 1 of the Inspirational Sci-...
Chris Baum
Q, a powerful alien held prisoner in Area 51. Mel, a young woman with telepathic powers. One chance...
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Simon Carr
In our darkest hour, one woman rose, like a raising woman, rising up, up she went, rising up, just l...
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Amanda Kimberley
Genevieve’s life as a hunter was simple. Vanquish every monster, even if that monster turns out to b...
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Souls Collide
JD Blackrose
Kara, a Norse Valkyrie warrior, and Gaspard, a centuries-old vampire, find themselves in an improbab...
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Bordello of Vampire Pleasures
Lynda Belle
He’s been screwed by his ex-wife.

Now, his friends are treating him to a brothel hook up to help...
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The Awakening
David Phifer
William is turning ten today. And all he wants is to adjust to his new town with his parents and mak...
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The Tears of Pirene
Joshua Ian
Dip into the gaslight fantasy universe of the Magick & Mythos series with this two-story sampler. In...
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REPLAY Undoing the Apocalypse
Trevor Morris
Alex is a graphic genius who can create a superhero but does he have the courage to become one? Appl...
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Curse of the Ottawa
Frank Daley
A French-Canadian man killed an Algonquin Indian about two hundred years ago by drowning him in the...
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Carmen Loup
This story is a stand-alone short set in the world of The Audacity. It can be read without having re...
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ENHANCERS: The League of Twelve
K, Matthews N. Fishfish
If your sibling had a super power, would you be envious or proud?

Would you accept an invitation...
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Craved By Them Sample Chapters
Lily Harlem
Vampire police serving the streets of London.
Hell yeah, you’d better believe it!
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production) What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corner...
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Awakened: A Paranormal Romance
K.L. Hall
Winter Grayson is eagerly anticipating her eighteenth birthday so that she and her boyfriend, Aaron...
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The God Makers
Guy Estes
The problem with trying to trap the Death Queens is you run the risk of succeeding.
Aleena Kurrin a...
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Witchy Woman - (Book 2 of The Necromancer)
Pam Richter
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Never Marry A Warlock (Beware of Warlocks Boo...
Marilyn Vix
Never Marry A Warlock (A Beware of Warlocks Novelette)

Catherine walks in on her...
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The Void: The Stone Legacy Prequel
Luna Fox
Would you give your life to save the world?

Ludovic Stone was the arms-bearer and right-hand of A...
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Liz Zemlicka
What happens when the whole world changes in the blink of an eye? What would you do to survive? Four...
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The Ghost's Revenge
Ian McFarlane
Toby is excited to meet his best friend at the top of a famous London monument. But the gathering of...
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Keys of Time
Georgiana Kent
The Lost Souls are coming...

Erica has a secret, a curse she's been hiding her whole life. And no...
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The Emerald Tablet: The Chronicles of the Sup...
JM Hart
Dark Supernatural Fantasy

A stolen artifact. An ancient plague. Can seven gifted teens stop the e...
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Signed in Blood
Empire Fiction
Let's do a spell for kicks... what could go wrong?

Billy's life is overturned when his Kevin brin...
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