Welcome to join DARK SUSPENSE ROMANCE that can blow your mind and heart!
The excerpts are welcome as well as the whole versions.

The books are acceptable which included one of themes like -
Mafia (Suspense, Thrilling, Erotic Novel);
Suspense (Erotic Thriller or Erotic Suspense, maybe even Erotic Horror);
Paranormal (Steamy Thriller, Steamy Suspense);
Thriller (Steamy, Erotic);
Horror (Erotic).

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Club 'Drunken Cherry'
Olga GOA
Fateful Italian Passion
Olga GOA
Hot Short Stories
Olga GOA
Duke of Desire
Jodie Sloan
A Whisper of Roses
Ellen Hutton
Focus On Your Job
Elena Davinski
Too Sweet To Kill Her
Elena Davinski
Forbidden Love- Season of the Hunt
Randi Ryder
A Love Painted
Ellen Hutton
Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
Elizabeth and Emile
Ellen Hutton
Sinful Cops
Elena Davinski
My Very First Time
Daniella Wright
A Perfect Climax
Ellen Hutton
Unexpected Love: A Mafia Dark Romance
Ellen Hutton
Elena Davinski
Whoops: Nobody's Perfect
David Stone
Naked Truths: A psychological thriller you'l...
Karen Botha
Marry Matthew
Ellen Hutton
Sweetly Discovered
Ellen Hutton
The Billionaire's Conquest
Nicole Casey
A Wild Encounter
Vanessa Bryce
The Single Dad CEO
Nicole Casey
Krystal Blue
DH Bookstore
Shower of Teases
Ellen Hutton
Simone Leigh
Alpha Ascending - A Prequel to The Blackmore...
Evelyn & Elsa Ives
DH Bookstore
Frostbitten 2
DH Bookstore
Claire, Erica and Cleo
Yorgos Ntovas
A Rainy Afternoon and Many Sunny Days
Yorgos Ntovas
Falling for the Dragon
Scott Wylder
Falon: The Ancient Blood Awakens (A War of Bl...
Angel Black
Call Me Ana: A Love Story
Scarlet Bonnet
Her Beast
Nicole Casey
L.M. Mountford
Taking My Revenge
Henley Damask
Melanie My Girl
Ellen Hutton
The Accidental Slave
Elin Peer
Cowboys: A Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance
Nina Rains
Call of the Wild
Simone Leigh
N. Isabelle Blanco
Seeing Her Secrets
Ellen Hutton
Craving Ecstasy
Ellen Hutton
BJ Harvey
Ellen Hutton
Wanton Desire
Ellen Hutton
In His Arms
Ellen Hutton
Spyder's Web
Breanna Hayse
Darkest Perception
Shari J. Ryan
In a Perfect World
Ainsley St Claire