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Prince of the Apple Towns
Del Elle
Would you take your keepsake to a shop with half-baked signage?

Phillens does. He has an item he...
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The Child Prince
Honor Raconteur
Sevana Warran, reigning prodigy Artifactor, has absolutely no desire to selflessly serve her fellow...
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Cursed by Furies (Book #1 in The Cursed Elves...
Diedra Drake
1000 years ago, the Elves nearly destroyed their species... and the Furies punished them with a terr...
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Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon...
Weiqi Wang
This is the first book of a teen fantasy book series that nurtures the bloom of MAGIC in the soil of...
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McKayla Schutt
Family means everything to wolves and witches. But when a wolf mates to a witch, it’s not a happily...
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production)
What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corn...
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Knights of the Dead God
James Jakins
The half-orc girl, Mikaia Goretusk, has been torn from her home. Her world. Her family. Her only all...
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Seven Crowns
Evelina Everest
An Unclaimed Crown. Six Deadly Assassins. A World She Never Knew Existed.
Sixteen-year-old Ana...
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The Harpy: Book Preview
Julie Hutchings
Charity Blake survived a nightmare. Now she is one.

"Julie Hutchings is one helluva writer--you...
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A Demon in the Desert
Ashe Armstrong
Grimluk is an orc with one purpose: hunting demons.

The Wastelands mining town of Greenreach Bluf...
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The Weight of Our Souls
Simi Sunny
Everything seems mundane to Gwendolyn Hill, considering her job and social status. Yep, nothing’s be...
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Slaves of the Black Magician (Preview)
Commander James Bondage
Every year for centuries, the Kingdom of Seabourne sent two beautiful maidens to the mysterious Blac...
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Lords of Magic: The Journey Home
S Zahedi
Jameela is on the quest for the truth about the death of her parents.

After Jameela's parents die...
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Out of Darkness: Twists & Turns
Chris Baum
As you pass through the pages of this magical portal of a book, you will discover a wide variety of...
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Surrender (a preview)
Chris Baum
A hairy bachelor (Bigfoot) decides to set off on a dangerous quest to find his long lost kin. He kno...
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Curse of the Ottawa
Frank Daley
A French-Canadian man killed an Algonquin Indian about two hundred years ago by drowning him in the...
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The Blink
Dave Terruso
Psychopathic villain Erika Fostra finds more and more inventive ways to torture innocent victims—unt...
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Ambush Predators (A Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fa...
Marina Ermakova
Mythical carnivores that prey on humans…and the researchers who study them.

New graduate student...
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The Madam's Lover
Serenity Snow
Tatiana is a buyer for a high-end boutique and a lesbian partially in the closet. On a dark road on...
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The Matchmaker & the Coven
Evelina Everest
Magic and adventure flourish in the Boundary--a place where hundreds of realms converge.

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Simmering Deception
Kish Knight
Jack has spent years developing his reputation as a renowned Giant-Hunter: the best, the fastest, th...
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The Fae Lord's Companion, Part One (Preview)
Lisa Kumar
Six years ago, a fae raid stole away Lina's parents. Since then, she's managed to scrape together a...
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Moon Rite: Book One Legend of the Ancients
Deonne Dane
Two rites, one fate.

The son of a Voce healer and a Dracan warrior, Falric Mislan has always ques...
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Rise of the Blood Lust
Ashley Zakrzewski
Kentucky, The "Bluegrass State," has turned red.

A decade after a catastrophic experiment gone w...
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Presidential Risk
Michael Bronte
Dead presidents play a supernatural game of Risk, the board game of world domination, and their move...
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Exile (The Crystal Keeper, Book I)
Laurisa White Reyes
Jayson lives among the shadows of Hestoria, his sole purpose for staying alive – to protect his half...
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Trial by Sorcery
Richard Fierce
Dragons can be dangerous …
… if you don’t bond with them first.

Eldwin wants to follow in his fa...
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Savage Island
Victoria Dougherty
The remote South Pacific island of Niue, 1944. Angelie, a 17-year-old Australian girl, is waiting o...
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Pay-Per-Kill: Book 1
Eliza Hendrix
After spending thirty years in New York City, thousand-year-old succubus Alexis Rayne figures it’s t...
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A Tale of Infidels
Erik A. Otto
* Finalist for Foreword Indies Book of the Year Award *

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The Dome City
Nichole Haines

“It’s so hot, wha...
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The Twelve Tasks: Book One of The Djed Chroni...
Katharine Wibell
The precarious balance between two opposing forces has begun to shift and threatens the very existen...
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The Identity Thief
Alex Bryant
A shapeshifting sorcerer called Cuttlefish unleashes a terrifying wave of magical carnage across Lon...
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Shrine of the Desert Mage (Preview)
Stephen Goldin
Volume I of the Parsina Saga. In the Arabian Nights world of Parsina, Jafar the storyteller is unjus...
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Eden Butler
Bane Illes never smiled.
He never spoke.
But each day, that brooding wizard gave Janiver Benoit a...
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REPLAY Undoing the Apocalypse
Trevor Morris
Alex is a graphic genius who can create a superhero but does he have the courage to become one? Appl...
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Back to Black
Kyoko M.
Seer and demon slayer Jordan Amador has had it rough lately: separated from her husband the archange...
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SCCunningham Books
(In film production) What if we're not alone? What if rule-breaking Angels secretly fight our corner...
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The Magic Shop ARC
Justin Swapp
A broken family. A well-kept secret. The power to destroy the magical world.

When Marcus and El...
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Key of Arcandus
Lauren Sefchik
Three mages need her.
A warlock is using her.
The goddess of death is hiding her.
And Siroun’s...
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Beasts of Prey
Oz Mari G.
In the hidden world of the #Viscerebus, two brothers inherited a tainted name, a deadly disease, and...
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How Long Is Forever
Sakari Lacross
Nineteen year old Dawn loses his mother on an unexpected night. With no proof of her death, only a m...
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Unexpected Tales
Marty C. Lee
Four short stories from Kaiatan, the world of Unexpected Heroes.

In an underwater village in Noka...
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When Babel Floods
Daniel Mainwaring
A vast man-made resort island offers permanent relief to a drought-stricken continent. As corporate...
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Issaura's Claws: Book One of The Incarn Saga...
Katharine Wibell
According to legend, when the world was young, the goddess Issaura appeared among men. Those who tre...
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Tompkin's School (A Supernatural Academy Tril...
Tabi Slick
I thought my life was over the moment I was sent to this boarding school. I had no idea how right I...
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Tooth and Nail - Prequel to the Osseous Serie...
Michael J Adams
Detective life is rough when your PI license is a forgery and you're a stranger to the big city and...
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The Beast Hunter: A Keltin Moore Adventure
Lindsay Schopfer
A small-town hero. A numberless horde. No turning back.

Professional beast hunter Keltin Moore jo...
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Wind of Choice (8 ch sample)
Marty C. Lee
Ahjin has always dreamed of being a skydancer like his parents, and his time has finally come. But w...
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Human Familiar
Honor Raconteur
Chaotic magic is destroying the known world one shard at a time. Conventional magic doesn’t work. Bu...
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