28 new authors coming together to give you a taste of the future of MM Romance.

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How Not To Wait
Susan Hawke
Going Down
Allison Temple
One and Done
LL Dahlin
Second Chances
C.S. Carver
Forever Starts at MIdnight
Kim Breyon
Michael Bailey
The Sweetest Together
Everly Chase
The Art of Murder
M.D. Gregory
Had to Be You
Crystal Lacy
Saving Him (Hearts Intertwined, Book 1.5)
Drea Roman
Sunday Night
Chris Cheek
Mistletoe Mistake
Bryce Winters
Rough Landing
J Hayden Bailey
Alphas & Allies
Maz Maddox
The Replacement Husband
Eliot Grayson
Toward Home
Jana Maylin
Terra Sinclair
Chasing Midnight
Sandra Damien