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The Deal
SCCunningham Books
Whiskey & Wine
Awestruck Publishing Group
Amelia Wilson
Conquering Cicrumstances
Kylie Hillman
The Memory Thief
Sarina Dorie
The Long Return: A Regency Romance - Preview...
Rose Pearson
The Billionaire's Obsession (Simon)
J.S. Scott
Courting the Alphas (A Reverse Harem Novella,...
River Ramsey
SCCunningham Books
The Other
L.C. Kincaide
Zoe Dawson
Melissa Stevens
Fan Mail
Joel Abernathy
The Windrush Affair
Elsa Joseph
So Unexpected
Amanda Wilhelm
A Very Good Plan: Saving The Billionaire
David Stone
Not My Type-Instant Chemistry Series #2-
Taylor Love
No Strings Attached: A Bad Boy Romance
Romi Hart
The Half-Wolf's Omega (18+)
L.C. Davis
Soothing Suffering, Black Shamrocks MC Introd...
Kylie Hillman
Keeping Secrets from the Billionaire: A bad b...
Pink Pearl Romance Reads
Given to the Alpha
Nevaeh Knight
Billionaire Mafioso
Jane Seezler
The Battle (The Four Chronicles, Book 1)
Rebecca Reddell
The Unexpected Baby
Nicole Casey
Billion Dollar Daddies: Lonnie
Breanna Hayse
Stolen: He stole it all including my heart
Adele Masters
Foam on the Crest of Waves
Silke Stein
Torn Apart (Convergence Book 1)
J.M. Riddles
First Kiss of Freedom
Nichole Wolfe
Cowboys: A Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance
Nina Rains
Leland's Resolution
Stephanie Morris
Seizing Control
Kylie Hillman
Rough Justice
Alphas Ever After (Newsletter)
Hard Bounty
Jillian Riley
(PREVIEW, 18+) Exhale: An MM Shifter Romance
Joel Abernathy
5 Boys in the Band: a Reverse Harem Romance
Evie Kady
Hunter's Passion
Tia Didmon
It's Complicated (A Redcliffe Short Story)
Catherine Green
Adored by the Bear Protector
Anastasia Chase
Billion Dollar Daddies: Jennie
Breanna Hayse
Amber Burns
Romance and Mystery Under the Northern Lights...
Edna Curry
The Penance List
SCCunningham Books
Playing with Love
Jess Gleam
Zoe Dawson
The Art of Hanky Panky
Olivia Savage
Adele Masters
A Perfect Mess
Zoe Dawson
The Siren
Breanna Hayse
The Single Dad CEO
Nicole Casey
Cover Me: A Badlands short story
Morgan Brice
Only In His Sweetest Dreams
Dani Collins
Guardian Domination
Breanna Hayse
When A Taker Dreams
J. A. Jackson
The Queen's Handmaiden: A Reverse Harem Roman...
Hermione Stark
Cabin Fever
M.A. Gonzales
Common Areas - Preview -
Amber Burns
Kylie Hillman
All's Well That Ends
Tina Jones Williams
London Boss
Caleb Borne
Fulfilled Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
Unfinished Business
SCCunningham Books
By the Light of Embers—Preview
Shaylin Gandhi
Crashing In On Love
Taylor Love
A Romance Reader from New Voices
Living Sensical
The Game Plan
Breanna Hayse
Hardboiled Passion
Allison Moss
Valentino's Kiss
Tia Didmon