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Spring is in the air - or on the way. All the more reason to fall in love again.
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The Summer of Shambles - Ondine Book #1 (full...
Ebony McKenna
The Tunnel People by R. L. Saunders
Living Sensical
The Trouble With Trolls
Sarina Dorie
Her Ugly Monster
Kaylee Rymer
Saving Me
Sadie Allen
Motocross Me
Cheyanne Young
Swim Season (Sample)
Marianne Sciucco
Fiona's Gift
H. M. Gooden
Ann Veronica by H. G. Wells
Midwest Classics Press
Evangeline Kelly
The Gilded King
Josie Jaffrey
The Weeds within the Rulership
Emily Martha Sorensen
Tutus & Cowboy Boots: A Small Town Dance Roma...
Casey Peeler
Since We Were Friends
Zoe Haslie
Haunted by a Moment
Dora Blume
Just For A While
Zoe Haslie
Cogling: A Steampunk Fairy Tale
Jordan Elizabeth
Her Eyes by J. R. Kruze
Living Sensical
The Autists by J. R. Kruze
Living Sensical
Maybe Never (Chapters 1-3)
Sadie Allen
The Golden Thread
Alex Hayes
Evangeline Kelly
Lakeshore Secrets at Willow Valley
Shannyn Leah
Forbidden Tides Sample Chapters
Kyla Stan
Ham & Chaz by C. C. Brower & J. R. Kruze
Living Sensical
Between the Sea & Sand
Deirdre Riordan Hall
The Idol Who Became Her World
Ji Soo Lee
PARTIAL First and Only Destiny 7Apr18
Gloria Silk
A Girl Called Foote
A. E. Walnofer
The Caretaker by C. C. Brower
Living Sensical
Heart of Mine (The Royals of Coradova #1)
Lindsay Bergman
Kay Cordell
The Hunted Woman by James Oliver Curwood
Midwest Classics Press
Secrets of Atlantis (Prequel to the Matt and...
C.L. Mannarino
Kissed by a Demon
Hallie Goodway
Mind Timing by R. L. Saunders
Living Sensical
A Romance Reader from New Voices
Living Sensical
The Ghost Who Loved by S. H. Marpel
Living Sensical
Mai's First Date
H. M. Gooden
Cracked Daisy New Series
Neasha Hill