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Vampire Destiny
Ariel Marie
Four passion laced stories of strong vampires meeting their destiny head-on. Be prepared to see what...
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Bear Enchantment
Cecilia Lane
Enemies + magic = one chaotically charming love story!

The last thing Chase, bear...
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Saving Cadence
ID Johnson
One night can change everything....
Aaron McReynolds is the Leader of a team of Vampire Hunters and...
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Sweet Release
Carrie Pulkinen
The day Miranda Billings dies isn't the worst day of her life—but it's close.

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Catching His Ladybird
Laura Greenwood
While looking after her parents' farm, Daisy runs into her childhood crush. But Daisy has been avoid...
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The Vampire's Throne: A Paranormal Romance
AJ Tipton
A vampire prince fighting to liberate his people. A stunning photographer intrigued by the supernatu...
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Ever Mine
Eden Ashe
Can a kidnapped fairy and a human find love despite all odds?

Nathan Alexander’s...
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Emma Brady
Preview Only
Lily Faye-Richardson thought her bad luck was ending when she and her sisters...
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The Last Blackstone Dragon: A Blackstone Moun...
Alicia Montgomery
Henry “Hank” Lennox was the last of his family of dragon shifters, and heir to the crumbling Blackst...
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Alpha Ascending - A Prequel to The Blackmore...
Evelyn & Elsa Ives
*Brand-new paranormal romance from the sisters Evelyn & Elsa Ives!*

When Hugo Bla...
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Deadly Shades
H. D. Thomson
A short, romantic suspense with an otherworldly twist.

Two-time Romance Writer's...
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A Vhampier's Forbidden Wolf
P.T. Macias
A spoiled, sexy and wild young Wolff loves the chase. She loves to stir it up and watch the firework...
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Circle of Blood Book Zero with FREE Audiobook...
R. A. Steffan
Vampires, werewolves, and voodoo—talk about a match made in hell.

All Xander want...
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Fierce Heartbreaker
Liza Street
After Jude Fournier broke her heart six years ago, it took Ava Stricket a long time to get on with h...
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Call of the Dragon
Elianne Adams
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Revant Warriors Prequel
Serena Meadows
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Werewolf Island
K Matthew
In the kingdom of Fieldedge, prisoners sentenced to death are sent to Werewolf Island, a cursed plac...
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Once Upon A Princess - Two Paranormal Fairy T...
Bright Street Books
Includes a preview of "Beauty & the Faun," one of two short and sexy "fairy tale" paranormal romance...
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Billionaire Bear's Bride
Lovestruck Romance
Colton Sterling is a brilliant business strategist, adrenaline junkie, self-made billionaire, and Ko...
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Secrets of Meadowbrook
Alexis Davie
When Chloe Woods moves to Meadowbrook, she isn’t prepared for the secrets that she uncovers. The one...
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Captured By The Beast
Daniella Wright
I was one of those people who could never sit still. I loved to go outside and do stuff. Living in t...
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Demon's Mark
Mila Young
As a half-demon, Cary has survived a lot... but this love thing might be her undoing.
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The Beast's Heart
Heartbeat Reads
A big beautiful woman hunting for her ex PLUS a biker werewolf too hot to be true PLUS a secret abou...
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Love Beyond the wall
Amelia Wilson
Better the devil you know than the Devil you don’t. At least that’s what they say.
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McKayla Schutt
Family means everything to wolves and witches. But when a wolf mates to a witch, it’s not a happily...
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After/Life: Denial
Perrin Briar
Love transcends all boundaries. Even death.

Molly dies while chasing a felon and...
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Wolf on Holiday
Skye / S.R. Jones
Wolf shifter, Jake, knows something is wrong with his human mate.
Cait hates to admit it b...
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Northern Kingdom Book 2: The Journey of Falle...
K.T. Harding
Jean Ross runs for her life when mysterious creatures attack her camp in the remote Himalayas. Where...
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The Voice Within
Roger Penfound
Disgraced Journalist Doug Penhallam, has a cynical disregard for anything that doesn’t fit within hi...
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Called by the Vampire - Part 1
V. Vaughn
When Maggie Evans had a heart transplant, she received more than a new organ from her donor. She als...
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Caught Between Dragons
Red Lily Publishing
When Becca interviews with Jeremy after graduating art school, little does she know that her life wi...
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Family Pride: Love and Challenges
Bright Street Books
Business owner Mac MacKinnon is a perfect catch: attractive, successful and a member of an old, esta...
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Verian Mates Prequel: A Sci-Fi Alien Abductio...
Stella Sky
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Kalazaron Blue Planet Warriors Prequel
Maia Starr
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Awakening Kiss
Sharon Kay
As part of the Watchers, Rhys is used to all types of combat, pursuit, and interrogation. But hackin...
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The Scylla Dragons (New Adult Version)
Bree Pierce
Betrayal. He betrayed her. He betrayed his friends. He betrayed two islands of dragon shifters. Char...
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Moonlight Calls
Kaye Draper
The most powerful creatures of the supernatural community are inexplicably drawn to Mya, but she ref...
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A Touch of Fate
Aidy Award
Kady Ayininkizi, your anything but average curvy geek girl, has isolated herself in her brand new ti...
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Sass Me
Aidy Award
Fulfill a destiny, save the world & the soul of her mate.
Fleur Anthousai, a curvy earth wi...
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Alpha Wolf Defender
Emilia Hartley
Tess and Connor are lovers from two rival wolf packs. Tensions between the packs increase as the bea...
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Jazzed Up A New Orleans Romance Novel
Pahkee Dhillon
WARNING; there are men in this world that make a woman wonder whether or not they are actually of th...
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The Soul of A Vampire
Rachel E Rice
The Soul of A Vampire
When Zoey Miller was kidnapped as a young child, she never expected t...
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Frances Pauli
Genevieve doesn’t believe in past lives, demons, or true love. All of which seems like a perfectly p...
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Lovers and Liars: Manhattan
Liz Meldon
The glory days of Ancient Greece are long gone, and the gods of the Old World are scattered across t...
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The Werebear's Touch
Emma N
Aurora Isles knows all about dark secrets. She’s been hiding a few of her own, including her entire...
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The Wild Within: Wolf Shifter Romance
Stacey Davidson
Beautiful Alyssa is a college coed entangled in a strange relationship with a sociopath named Terry....
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Hunted: A Haven Realm Reverse Harem Book
Mila Young
Little Red Riding Hood. Three Big Bad Wolves. A Poisonous Scheme.

Scarlet, a heal...
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The Touch Of The Outcast
Amalia Altman
Betrayed by her family because of her mysterious powers, Elise Dawson is living on the streets of Lo...
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A Dragon's Fury
Cailin Briste
When a simple retrieval takes a dangerous turn for bounty hunter Brody Simmons and his two dragon sh...
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Angel's Awakening
Akaria Gale
A race to prevent the apocalypse forces Charouth & Azazel into an unlikely partnership. Will love bl...
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Pregnant by the Dragon Shifter
Jasmine Wylder
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Paranormal Romance Starter Pack
Mindy Wilde
Paranormal Romance Stater Pack contains the first volume from three different paranormal romance ser...
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Scythe of Darkness (preview)
Dawn Husted
Bold, irresistible, and beautifully written, Scythe of Darkness is a riveting grim reaper novel that...
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Touch of Darkness
Dawn Husted
This short story prequel serves as a riveting introduction to the grim reaper novel that “hooks read...
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The Fae: A Short Prequel
Hallie Goodway
Can a demon's kiss save her daughter from the curse?

About to be married to the m...
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The Muse of Love and Pain - A Collection of D...
A. X. Salvo
"In 'The Muse of Love and Pain', we are swept away into a dark, intimate journey of the search for t...
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Pharaoh Memnet
Trisha A. Lindsey
Pharaoh Memnet is about the lives of the Egyptian Royal Family during the time of the Exodus of the...
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The Vilka's Secret
Pearl Foxx
Geeky, Sexy Astrophysicist + Lonely, Shape-Shifting Alien = Cosmic Collision

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Frozen Perfection
Rae B. Lake
Kate and her Fae family had run every time there was another non-human in their mist. Now after star...
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Shadow Wings
Anna Holloway
Myra Dean thought she escaped the tragedy that pushed her to the new town. However, when her boss' s...
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Charmed: A Haven Realm Reverse Harem Book
Mila Young
Arabian Nights. Three Dangerously Sexy Genies. A Deadly Sorcerer.

Abandoned by he...
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Fierce Wanderer
Liza Street
Hera Watterson’s flight from her small town into the Sierras hasn’t gone unnoticed. The guys after h...
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Alien Valentine - Preview
Sonia Nova
A pink alien prince + A human mail-order bride = A perfect Valentine’s Day romance!
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FrostBite - The Hunter Chronicles Book 1
Claire Marta
Jasmine Hunter is a rookie agent working for the covert Supernatural Department of Scotland Yard. Be...
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Sonia Nova
He broke her heart years ago and now he’s back…
Assigned to any nurse’s nightmare shift, Ar...
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The Human Circle
Nickie Cochran
Fairies do not exist - or at least that's what Pete, a German anthropologist whose passion lies in d...
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Remember Me
Nanea Knott
Will He Remember?

Willow is a succubus tired of being alone. She wants to find he...
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Castaway Heart: Book One
L.C. Mawson
When their home becomes dangerous, twin mermaids - Lyna and Dyna - must venture to Earth in search o...
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Dragon's Awakening
Kassandra Knight
A dragon prince, an Order priestess. Accident brings them together… or was it a destiny?
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Bonded In Blood
Lee Ann
Taz I’Ane – arrogant, irreverent, womanising – Heir Apparent to the House of Nikaris, the largest an...
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The Dark Side of the Woods
Willie Dalton
How could Sadie have lived so long in this town without knowing it was harboring a very old secret?...
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Shadowfall Shorts
Lee Ann
Shadowfall Shorts is our short story collection, featuring four stories:-

It's Dr...
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A Cat's Tale
Melissa Snark
Alpha werewolf, Jared Kohl, wakes up in a vampire’s dungeon, swearing revenge upon the wily Siamese...
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Incrusted : Hiding the demon within
Annora Wilson
To save myself, I must kill my own heartbeat....

I was that unique breed, the 'we...
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Burning Hearts
Eva Chase
A prison they can't escape. A power they can't control. A passion they can't deny.
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The Phoenix Dragons
Creekside Books
Kaley Jameson was a flight attendant on a layover at the Phoenix airport when everything went black....
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Elements of Flames
CR Robertson

Behavioural profiler Morgan Skelly possesses a secret – she has a dream love...
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The Wild Hunt
Ron C.Nieto
Lily has a problem. She has just discovered that faeries are real, dangerous, and out to get her. To...
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Karak Contact
Ruby Ryan
A mysterious satellite crash. A late-night car accident. And a stranger who looks shockingly identic...
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Sold To The Werewolf
Summer Cooper
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The President's Witch
Portia Faye
Alana is beautiful, young, ambitious and a very talented witch. She has landed the job of lifetimes,...
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Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King
Jaci Chandler
A curvy bookworm, I’ve lived my entire life in books. Kidnapped into an erotic underground world, wh...
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Hunter's Moon
M.S. Monty
Did I mention I might be turning into a werewolf?

Stood-up, left to walk home al...
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Berlin Nocturne
Miranda Jameson
An intrepid, tempestuous redhead. A battle weary warrior. A sinister Nazi organization.
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Unwilling - a Shifter Romance
Hannah L. Corrie
Things aren’t easy for an Alpha-born werewolf, Jared has lived this truth for all of his life. Darwi...
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Karak Warrior
Ruby Ryan
Something in my brain broke the day I learned of the Karak.

It’s been two weeks s...
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Before The Hunt (Sandra & Naythan): Prequel T...
J. M. Klaire
Before The Hunt (Sandra & Naythan): Prequel To The Alpha Hunted Series by J. M. Klaire
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The Demon's Touch
Garnell Wallace
Sadia is a woman on the run from a murderous ex-boyfriend. Hiding in a new place every three months...
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The Uncrossing
Melissa Eastlake
Luke can uncross almost any curse—they unravel themselves for him like no one else. Working for the...
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NYC VAMPS: The Prequel
Sky Winters
There is a vampire war brewing in New York City, and lust is to blame!
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Oh My Muse
J.R. Thorn
A Succubus Must Feed

Sonya’s a succubus and she must feed on men in order to surv...
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Unearthed After Sunset
Lauryn April
When Greg Erickson is killed by sultry and seductive vampire Lila, he wakes up cold and alone in a w...
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The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf (with Free Bonus...
Kara Lockharte
*Special Edition with Surprise Bonus Book!"
He wasn't what she wanted.
He wasn't r...
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