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Bully Crush Blues
Parker Avrile
Crawford's Affair (Book 1): Family Portrait
Michael R.E. Adams
And Baby Makes Four
Lyndell Williams
Class of '96
Amanda Wilhelm
Shadow's Lyric
C.A. Worley
Immortal Scars Chapter 1-2
A.L. Williams
Playing Hamlet
Lucy Blue
The Alice '65
Kyle Michel Sullivan
Camp Piquaqua
Ashleigh Stevens
Game Maker
BJ Harvey
Fateful Italian Passion
Olga GOA
Crashing In On Love
Taylor Love
Something Borrowed
K.L. Hall
Erotic Stories (desire and obsession Book 4)
mariano flynn
N. S Richmond
The Cotton Mill Bride
Stacy Kane
The Day Before
Robert Kugler
Coming Home, Snowy Ridge: Love at Starlight S...
Kris Jett
The Last Good Day-Sample
Robert Kugler
Highway Driver
Sloane Peterson
Ashleigh Stevens
Seduced by the Sheik (The Raminar Family Book...
Elizabeth Lennox
Maximum Exposure
Talia Carmichael
SJ Molloy
Moonlighting Bride (Preview)
Deborah Kulish
Wet Work
Lucy Blue
The Country Omega
Penelope Peters
The Wolf King's Bride
C.A. Worley
Say It
Sky McCoy
Eden Butler
Chloe After Dark
Elsa Joseph
Saving Daisy (Dragons MC Book 1)
Rosa Mink
Falling Grace
Pandora Snow
A Perfect Mess
Zoe Dawson
Quill Me Now (MM Paranormal)
Jordan Castillo Price
Club 'Drunken Cherry'
Olga GOA
His For A Week: Ruined
Em Brown
Overnight Stay
Lynn Michaels
Devil's Ride
C. J. Clarke
Allistair Firestone
The Art of Hanky Panky
Olivia Savage
Lexi Miles
A Flame of Hope
Deanna Jewel
Christmas at Starlight (Snowy Ridge: A Love a...
Kris Jett
Dark Secrets
Rebecca and Victoria Heap
For the Love of Luke - Free Sample
The Vacation Wife: A Hotwife Romance
David Stone
Enough Chapter 1-2
A.L. Williams
Sloane Peterson
From Tattoo To...Love?
Rosa Mink
Yours Truly Your Soldier
Kaci Rose
Holiday Face-off
Kristen Echo
SJ Molloy
Teiran Smith
You Belong To Me
Patricia Sargeant
Rookie Rules & Red-Hot Trouble
Lily Harlem
Melissa Stevens
Enough Rope: A Gay BDSM Short Story
Parker Avrile
Punishing Miss Primrose, Parts I-V
Em Brown
Hunter - Part 1 of 4 parts
Kyle Michel Sullivan
5 Boys in the Band: a Reverse Harem Romance
Evie Kady
The Love Bet
G.L. Tomas
A Taste of Wonderland
Allison West
Life's Forever Changed
Anne Stone
Falling For Her Best Friend
Kelsie Calloway
Not My Type-Instant Chemistry Series #2-
Taylor Love
Chasing Serenity
Eden Butler
Riding Past Midnight - A Western Romance
Ella Cooper
Tequila Sunset Preview
L.M. Mountford
The Problem Client (Preview)
KP Maxwell
V for Visa
Mona Ombogo
So Unexpected
Amanda Wilhelm
Blind Love
Leon M A Edwards
The First Door
KP Maxwell
Zoe Dawson
Neighbourly Obsession
S.R Martin
Prince: The One That Got Away
S.R Martin
Kimberley Kiss
Rose Celeste
Take My Heart(Sample)
J. J. Sorel
Spy On Me
Marina Vivancos
More Than Friends
Kimolisa Mings
Breaking Josephine
Brooke Stanton
Melissa Stevens
Loving The Wrong Man
Kimolisa Mings
Now or Never
Stacy- Deanne
The Night's Chosen - First Two Chapters
E E Hornburg