Download some brand new never before seen short stories all based around the idea of a fake relationship from a range of fantastic authors.

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Boyfriend Booked
Gianni Holmes
Gay Romance Book
Fake boyfriend—someone who wasn’t a part of the original plan but proves to be an...
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The Bogus Boyfriend
Rebecca James
The quintessential nerd, Collin spends most of his time in front of a computer screen. He’s assured...
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Winning It All
Tanya Chris
When best friends Seth and Carson win the lottery together, the windfall threatens to send their rel...
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First Contact: A Kaligorian Encounter
Miranda Turner
As one of the only true Earthlings left in the far reaches of space, Jericho Terron is an oddity and...
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Love Overwrite Command
Mara Townsend
Who better to play fake boyfriend than his business partner?

Oliver has carved out a good life fo...
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Fake and Dandy
G.R. Lyons
Jayden Wyatt's grandfather plans to name him as heir to his textiles business, but Jayden wants noth...
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The Mistaken Fiancé
Kim Katil
Martin adores his fiancé. The handsome figment of his imagination shields him from the unwanted atte...
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Total Fabrication
Saxon James and Eden Finley
When Jace and Blake are accepted onto Total Fabrication, it's supposed to be easy. Renovate a house,...
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Five Fake Dates
DJ Jamison
I've got it bad for my best friend, but he's only had eyes for my sister since we were kids. I...
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Omission of Facts / Part 1 of Texas Sun
Sara York
Lafferty Miller is searching for more, traveling to the ends of the earth to find his heart and soul...
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My So-Called Band Boyfriend
Jill Wexler
"So you need a fake boyfriend then. I'll do it."

Honestly, I wasn't sure what I was thinking whe...
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When Fake Changed Everything
JP Sayle
When did being ‘fake boyfriends’ start making it difficult to remain ‘friends?

Jamie Rider is a m...
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For Fake's Sake
JJ Harper
Ollie has tried to forget all about his school life, especially the bullying and name-calling. A bri...
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Faking Familiar
Abigail Kade
Who would believe that pretending to be your next door neighbor’s boyfriend for a simple family dinn...
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The Second Act
H.L Day
Emerson White's on the verge of hitting the big time with his film career. After years of keeping hi...
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EM Denning
Zane has been out of the scene for a while and isn't expecting his first night back at the club to e...
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Discord: An Iron Heretics MC Story
Michelle Frost
Jensen James and his band are set for success, but first he's got to dodge advances from the owner o...
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