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Navigating Life: 8 Different Strategies to Gu...
Rachel S. Heslin
Bedroom Prince
Passion House Publishing
Daughters of the Past: A Historical Fiction A...
Nola Li Barr
The Daily Prompt 2016
J. C. Cauthon
The Duke of Yu's Daughter
Commander James Bondage
The Fear Buster
Tikiri Herath
Gray Tide in the East: An alternate history o...
Andrew Heller
Conquer Your Mind: Top 5 Meditation Technique...
Vidyut Rautela
When We Swing
K.T. Rose
First Time: Jack & Lexi (Book 1) (Jack and Le...
Amanda Wilhelm
How I Met My Husband Online
Reyna Ober
Shattered - prequel story to the Red Heeled R...
Tikiri Herath
The Duke's Daughter
His Everlasting Love Media
Crush on the Shy Guy
His Everlasting Love Media
Best Kept Secret
Elsa Joseph
How to Live with a Psychic
Crystal Hope Reed
Rococo (COMPLETE novella)
Sue Hollister Barr
Bound for the Tour
Commander James Bondage
The Myth of Mr. Mom - Real Stories by Real St...
Jeremy Rodden
SHIPS (preview, 99 cents to read the rest)
Sue Hollister Barr
The Baron's Malady - Preview Only
Rose Pearson
RISE: a tale of survival and devotion
Katherine L. Evans
The Shell of a Person
Lance Pototschnik
Billionaire Mafioso
Jane Seezler
All's Well That Ends
Tina Jones Williams
Nine Lives
Roughing the Cheerleader: Railed By the Footb...
Krispy Moning
Boomers for the Stars (COMPLETE novella)
Sue Hollister Barr
The Veterinarian's Field Guide to Rabid Unico...
Elise Loyacano Perl
The Disappeared (Short Story)
Irving Belateche
ROMANTIC TAKEOVER - Hijacked By Her Greek Bos...
Passion House Publishing
Neal Atherton
The Imperial Alchemist
A.H. Wang
Magic Man (Novella)
Lisa King
Parakeets and Pentagrams Sneak Peek
Hazel Reed
What Friends Are For
J.B. Reynolds
Innocence Lost
Taylor Brent
If the North Had Won the Civil War: a preview
Andrew Heller
If the Shoe Fits
Stephanie Ayers
Doing The Sweetheart: Railed by the Prison Gu...
Krispy Moning
Baby Matchmaker
Passion House Publishing
Use my Wife: Railed by the Black Bull
Krispy Moning
Rituals of Release: How to Make Room for Your...
Rachel S. Heslin
The Big Book of Free Stuff
Max Diamond
Broomsticks and Burials
Lily Webb