How can you fight the world's monsters when you're in love with one of them?

Find out in OTHER WORLDS, an exciting new boxset featuring twenty paranormal and sci-fi romance stories from award-winning and bestselling authors. Get a sneak peek of ALL TWENTY BOOKS in the set, and pick up your copy of the collection today for only $0.99 at your favorite e-book retailer!

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Claimed by Moonlight
Laura Hysell
Dragon's Curvy Invader-Excerpt
Mychal Daniels
Becca Redford and the Big Bad Wolfhound SNEAK...
Shawna Romkey
Hunter's Moon Rising Sneak Peek
Akaria Gale
Stalking Fate (Exclusive Preview)
K. R. Fajardo
Soul Jumpers - Sample
E.A. Weston
Over Exposed
Allyson Lindt
Dragon VIP: Malachite (sample)
Starla Night
Aion's Laurel, Galactic Geishas Book 1, (Firs...
Jayne Fury
Falling Skye by Lindsay Avalon
Jennifer wedmore
Jennifer Rose McMahon
The Little Witch & the Big Bad Werewolf (Samp...
Cheri Schmidt
Zeus- Lost Gods Sneak Peek
LaVerne Thompson