Come find your next favorite spring reads! All the books featured in this event have fantastic stories featuring LGBTQ characters.

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Keeping It Professional: an M/M Omegaverse Bo...
Annabel Rose
Bear Hunting: An Age Gap MM Romance
Nathan Bay
Malachi's Wish
J S Grey
David's Birthday
Liv Rancourt
Cemetery Drive
Lucian Clark
Claustrophilia: A Homoerotic Horror Novel
Ezra Blake
Ezra Blake
Paranormal & More Romance Volume 2
LGBT Romance Deals
JT's Mission - The Interviews
Rosie Jarvis
The Harvest Moon
Joshua Ian
Merman Dreams Are Wet (MM Romance)
Aramis Jordan
Someday, Maybe
Hayden Hall
A Haunting at Midwinter (A San Amaro Investig...
Kai Butler
The First Door
KP Maxwell
Loving Kate: Love Is Complicated (Bisexual Er...
David Stone
A New Pack for New Year
Kiki Clark
Bully Crush Blues
Parker Avrile
Contemporary Romance Volume 4
LGBT Romance Deals
2 men after a (off-page) crash find romance.
Clare London
The Glory of Love
Jackie North
Blackmailed Assassin
Sadie Swift
Fire Thief - MM Romance
Jordan Castillo Price
Gin Me Over
Susan Mac Nicol
Contemporary Romance Volume 3
LGBT Romance Deals
J. Scott Coatsworth
The Moth that Haunts the Laundry Room
Kali Paszkiewicz
The Flat Tyre - Tom's Tricks #1
Stella Shaw
Bathhouse Confessions - gay romance - (previe...
Nathan Bay
After Party For Six
Bronson Biggs
Hard Hats and Hollywood
Leighton Greene
Erotic Stories (desire and obsession Book 4)
mariano flynn
Signs of Love: Spring
Anyta Sunday
Fake Dating the Prince (Preview)
Ashlyn Kane
Worth The Risk
Rae Marks
Claw of Exile
J.K Jones
Bran, A Fae Shifter Prequel
M.D. Stewart
The Wedding Night
Rosie Jarvis
The Road Trip
A.J. Truman
Déjà Vu: A Holiday Romance Short
Lawrence I. Hill
LASKA: A Single Dad Gay Romance Prologue: A M...
Crystel Greene
Crescendo (Silver City Stories #2) - Free Sam...
BrokenWings Media