We've collected out favorite free historical romance book from renowned aspirering authors and bundled them up for you to download for free!

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Somewhere Still
Denitta Ward
Me Fat You Skinny
L.A. Leidy
Following Her Heart
Grace Fisher
Ten Year Dance
Ara Grigorian
Recessive (Thoroughbred Breeders #3)
Christine Meunier
Christmas at Starlight (Snowy Ridge: A Love a...
Kris Jett
Gifted Love
Dionne Grace
If I Knew Then
Lynda Frazier
To Drink of Deceit
Blythe Baker
The Modern Earl
Sophie Mays
Forever Kinda Love
Clara Stone
Marrying A Monster Sample Chapter
Mel Dunay
The Heidelberg Ghost
Nickie Cochran
A Political Proposal
E.C. Fountain
A Christmas Prayer (Preview)
Dionne Grace
Jackson Kross and the Dragon Girl
A.J. Antony
Pacific Cove Testament of Faith
J.E. Grace
Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro
Lucky Hearts
Love Light Faith Books
Mine For Always
Dionne Grace
Don't Forget Me - Preview
Judy Corry
By the Sulu Sea - 1st Three Chapters Preview
Donna Amis Davis
Franken White
Carly Marino
Nine Ankle Fractures (A Modern Fairy Curse Ro...
Corrie Garrett
Wicked for Hire: Paranormal in Manhattan Myst...
Lotta Smith