Love to discover new authors? Love mysteries? Love a good series? Start the fall season off with the first book in a series. You may want the second book and the third...

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B.M. Allsopp
Savannah Sleuth
Alan Chaput
The Lilliput Bar Mystery
Edna Curry
Cicada Summer
Jeff Dosser
Feeding Frenzy: Curse of the Necromancer (Sam...
Maaja Wentz
Murder in the Morning Edition
Peter Bartram
Out of Options
Dianne Ascroft
Murder for Neptune's Trident...A Citrus Beach...
Victoria LK Williams
Tupelo Gypsy (Voodoo Lucy Series 1)
Vito Zuppardo
The Gypsy Curse
Amber Meyer
Dead Man's Image-preview
Edna Curry
Who Needs Justice?: Chris Seely Vigilante Jus...
Rex Bolt
The Case of the Sunken Spirit by S. H. Marpel
Living Sensical
Neven Carr
Poisoned Legacy
Jenny Wheeler
Hong Kong Dangerous: A C.T. Ferguson Prequel...
Tom Fowler
The Imperial Alchemist
A.H. Wang
Broken (The Tokyo Lost Series #1)
Chris Ward
Killer Focus
Victoria LK Williams
Whispered Voices, Storm Voices book 1
Victoria LK Williams
Ghost Hunters Part One by S. H. Marpel
Living Sensical
An Untimely End [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Blogging is Murder
Gilian Baker
Trust Fall
Frankie Bow
True Blue Detective
Vito Zuppardo
Drinks After Work - A Jake Burbank mystery
Chris Lowry
Witch Mystery: Beth by S. H. Marpel
Living Sensical
Ghost Rat, A Spy Shop Novella
Lisa Haneberg