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Escape From Samsara
Nicky Blue
Barry's been patient, but after twenty-seven years of trimming hedges for people he hates, he's had...
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Crystal Clear - A Sci-Fi Short Story
Aidan J. Reid
A mysterious ancient artifact washes up on the beach of a small coastal town. For one man, the disco...
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J. Elizabeth Vincent
In the standalone short story and prologue to Raven Thrall, Mariah, a sheltered girl with a dangerou...
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Mother's Misfortune
Cordelia Castel
Candide Perrault believes that she is the most elegant in the Seven Kingdoms. To finance her high-so...
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Where The Plains Merge With The Sky
Patty Jansen
A young adult science fiction story, first published in Scapezine.

On a planet wh...
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Birth of a Star
Wayne Meyers
Aldrea, the feisty daughter of a Quenterian scientist, agrees to accompany her parents on a routine...
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Tiny Bites
Stacy Claflin
A lost love. An impossible decision. A second chance.

Multiple genres collide in...
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Once Upon A Time: A Collection of Folktales,...
Demelza Carlton
Fairytales, folktales and legends from all over the world, from Ancient Rome to the present day. Be...
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Digi City: A Story from the In-between
Jarrett Rush
Jensen Miller has a new daughter, a beautiful wife and a relatively stable life in unstable New Eden...
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The Antiterrorist: A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thrill...
Al Macy
Satellites are disappearing one by one. Not exploding, not dropping out of the sky, just disappearin...
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The Liar's Tales
K.D. Ritchie
What if you dared to seek everything you ever wanted? Five stories intertwine in a land thick with p...
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Sisters of Wind and Flame
Jennifer Ellision
Before she was the King's assassin...
Before she hunted Elementals...
She thirsted...
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Doll's Divorce
James Pratt
Doll's House — A man has an affair with a sophisticated computer virus.

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Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
A boy seeking adventure… A world that's dying… A war that may have no winners…

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Rain on a Summer's Afternoon: A Collection of...
Virginia McClain
A collection of short stories featuring strong female leads in various genres.

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Spirits in the Hills
Amelia Smith
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The Disappeared (Short Story)
Irving Belateche
Robert Grayson was becoming invisible. There was no doubt about it. And it made sense if you took a...
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In a Manner of Speaking
Charity Tahmaseb
What if time doesn't run out?

Soshi Patel believes herself the last inhabitant on earth, trapped...
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The Unleashed Creation
Betsy Flak
Vampire Duncan lives in a world where it's kill or be killed, whether that's by his vampire allies o...
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Extinction Lost
Nicholas Smith
Extinction Lost was originally published in SNAFU: Black Ops. This short story can be read as a stan...
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Poking the Bear
TJ Muir
Magic is inherent for Taojhi. Not so much for her cousin Gherant. So she sets out to teach him magic...
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Logan 6 (A Time Travel Novelette)
Alesha Escobar
In Ithaca City, where clones carry out menial labor and take hazardous risks, Logan learned to never...
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Adair Hart
Freelancing in galactic space is hazardous to your health, unless you’re Blake Brown, a four-hundred...
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The Scarred Artisan
J.A. Clement
Novella-length tale as told in the novel "Song of the Ice Lord"

Laerzinan: a city...
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Into the Storm
Angela Holder
Larine's life is good.  She loves her work as a wizard, her best friend is the Guildmaster, her trou...
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Compendium - Short Stories
Matthew Mather
Three stories from million-copy bestseller Matthew Mather's thriller and speculative fiction works,...
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Life for a Life
Andy Peloquin
The Hunter of Voramis, legendary assassin, does not forgive or forget. But his thirst for vengeance...
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The Sandman
Frank Martin
There were many parts of Clara’s life that she wished she could change but couldn’t. So the Sandman...
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No Option to Fail
N. R. Hairston

A prequel short story to my upcoming novel about Tinai and her people. More stories to fol...
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Arkship Countdown
Niel Bushnell
"Dune meets Battlestar Galactica, with a pinch of Asimov thrown in for good measure."
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Magic After Midnight: The Short Story
C. Gockel
A wicked stepmother. A 3,000 year old vampire. Sometimes villains deserve a happy ever after!
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Jane Carter of Earth and the Rescue that Neve...
Joe Vasicek
Jane Carter never thought she'd be the first human in the galaxy to be sold at an alien slave auctio...
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Exposure at Dejima: A Tiger Lily Short Story
K. Bird Lincoln
In this short story set after the events of novels Tiger Lily and The Straw Doll Cries at Midnight,...
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The Child Wound in Gold
Megan O'Russell
A little knock taps on the door,
A little girl hiding under the floor,
The safety of the dirt shal...
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Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales
Bright Street Books
A collection of speculative fiction stories set in future worlds from Earth to the far reaches of th...
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The Warrior and the Holy Man
Kyra Halland
The Path of Haveshi Yellowcrow: When ill fortune strikes Haveshi's clan, the remedy is devastating f...
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Saving Cadence
ID Johnson
One night can change everything....
Aaron McReynolds is the Leader of a team of Vampire Hunters and...
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The Loveliest Abyss in the Universe
Andrew Crusoe
The Portal is unnatural. It begs you to gaze within. But when you do, you will never be the same....
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Unlucky Dip K'Barthan Series Prequel
M T McGuire
The Pan of Hamgee, a starving outlaw, bumps into Big Merv; the meanest, scariest gangster in the cit...
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Alasdair Shaw
In the aftermath of a battle a ship drifts helplessly in space. Is the strange new warship they were...
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Cycle of Blades
Blake Arthur Peel
Jasper Aurelio is the Blade of Valæcia, the most feared assassin in the city. After successfully com...
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Cracks and Crevasses
D.H. Dunn
While searching for missing climbers, young Sherpa Nima becomes lost herself when strange magical li...
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Speaking in Bubbles
George Saoulidis
When Clytos tries to carry on with his daily work of oil rig maintenance, he finds a new friend.
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The Clown of Chaos
Will Casel Brown
Can a super-villain be rehabilitated?

Jaquan Ramirez, also known as The Clown of...
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Learning Curve
John Triptych
Conscripted into a penal unit to battle a race of intelligent machines, notorious pirate and mass mu...
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Guarding an Angel (The Chimera Adjustment: Bo...
Caleb Wachter
Corrupting Xenia Applebottom
Logan Fox
Dante's just signed a pact with the devil. If he wants to live longer than the 3 months his doctor h...
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Omega Point
Yudhanjaya Wijeratne
A lonely Creator. A universe built of crude fractal mathematics. Life, seething and surging, evolvin...
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Greener on the Other Side
Sarina Dorie
Despite what the wicked witch claims, Prince Charming knows he is meant to be a human prince, not a...
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The Codex
Justin Swapp
Welcome to The Codex - Omnibus edition.

This special edition includes the epic or...
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Sea Bound: A Saga of the Outer Islands Story
A. F. Stewart
Come join Rafe Morrow on his first adventure as captain of the Celestial Jewel. Sail with him and hi...
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Owned By The Warriors
Daniella Wright
Just what I need on a sunny Saturday afternoon: being dumped by that snake I thought was my boyfrien...
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Bloodling Wolf
Aimee Easterling
Bloodlings are rare shifters born in animal, rather than human, form. 

Due to a c...
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Metaphorosis: a collection of stories
B. Morris Allen
Metaphor, allegory, parable - tales to excite the imagination. A collection of speculative fiction s...
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Short Story Four-Pack
P.J. Cherubino
Four short stories to take you away to new worlds and new experiences.
Santa Claus is real...
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A Hill on Which to Die
Joe Vasicek
As the witch-king forces the mountain clans to join his orcish army, Garak-Nur must lead the last of...
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Rodan's Awakening
Sharolyn G. Brown
The person who Rodan was going to be, died, when she survived her family’s massacre.
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Ugly - A Many Lives Story
Laxmi Hariharan
Who will Zoya choose? Beauty or the beast?

When Zoya inherits a piece from an ast...
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