Halloween is the time for some epic M/M stories! This collection of Halloween m/m goodness is the best remedy for spooky nights.

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Candy Security: An Omegas of Animals Short
Lorelei M. Hart
Goiter Head
K.C. Littleton
A Pumpkin Patch Proposal- A Point Pleasant Ho...
Shane Morton
Caped Crusader
Katey Hawthorne
Foxy Heart, A Cursed Hearts Short
Rhys Everly
His Favorite Treat
Ashe Winters
The Hippy and the Haunted Staircase
Jeff Jacobson
The Wild Hunt
Cari Z.
Morgan Brice
Lord Trenton's All Hallows' Eve
Colbie Dunbar
Spooking Shay
Kiska Gray
Crista Crown
Finding Halloween - A Finding Home Short Stor...
Gigi Kern
No Biting: A Vampire Daddy Kink Short
Julia McBryant
The Virgin Pirate
DK Sutton
Wicked (A Heaven and Hell Club short story)
Colette Davison
A Fool's Errand
Ariana Lee