A Spring themed multi-author giveaway brought to you by some of your favorite MM Paranormal Romance authors.

(Message to authors looking to join: stories must be a minimum of 10K words and have at least one bunny shifter character!)

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The Warden's Easter Trap
Ezra Dawn
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Some Bunny to Love
Catherine Lievens
Eddie is new in town, and the last thing he expects is to be hunted by a wolf while he’s in his rabb...
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Heart, Bunny, and Soul
Arden Steele
When Nate Reed dropped by the new bookstore in town, he’d been hoping to find an escape in the form...
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Rabbit Discovered
Lynn Michaels
Falling in love was something he never thought could happen—
but everything catches up to you event...
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A Tiger's Tale
Lisa Oliver
Seth Carmichael never did anything wrong, but instead of working at the local library, he was runnin...
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