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Bullseye of the Beholder
Timothy Warren
Lovelorn Chuck is a meat man, biding his time and serving heavenly barbecue at Chuck’s Holy Smoke....
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Jamie Luther

Can’t be friends, could never be enemies… Now simply strangers sharing memories…

A year...
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Battle To Belong
Willow Dixon
I’ve been lost, but he makes me feel like home…

Twenty years ago, I left home a bright-eyed teena...
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The Ghosts of Queensfort
W.M. Fawkes
One haunted manor. Two lost souls. A fight to escape before dawn.

Gale Knight is Queensfort’s lea...
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The Sheriff of Shard Hills
Jenn Burke
As a half-human, half-dimeti hybrid, Varuna Das is used to being treated poorly, despite being a cop...
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Two Truths and a Lyle
DJ Jamison
Two Truths and a...wait, what?!

What happens when drunken idiots, aka your friends, use a silly d...
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Three Years
H.L Day
Oscar's a genius. After three years at university, he's back in town, convinced he's over his unrequ...
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Married to My Best Friend
Riley Hart
Alex has been my best friend since we were two. We do everything together, which is why I felt…weird...
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Archer: Solitary Dragon
Minerva Howe
Archer knows he doesn’t belong in the human world. So he sticks to his cabin in the mountains outsid...
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Silvia Violet
I'd only been out of jail for a week when my enemies came for me.

When I'm shot in front of a gor...
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Kill the Messenger (A Wilde Contracts Short S...
Maz Maddox
Being a human agent on the Demon Human Alliance and Protection team is hard enough without dealing w...
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Michelle Frost
He’d be beautiful if he wasn’t there to kill me.

Being the witch of the Black Dog Pack keeps Kova...
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Rough Heat
Marina Vivancos
Leo is used to taking Omegas through their heats, what with being a sex worker and an Alpha. When he...
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Sunshine Sky a Sunshine Ranch Prequel Novella
Carly Marie
It was only one night of no strings attached fun.

Being shy and awkward, my fantasies always stay...
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Lumberjack Under the Tree
Keira Andrews
Will former friends take a second chance on love?


I couldn't admit I loved Blake in high...
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Chasing Sunsets
Amy Aislin
A sex scandal wasn’t how NHL player Dane Roxborough imagined starting his summer. Neither was fleein...
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Sounds Like Love: An MM Instalove Novella
Noah Steele
How can I write an epic love song if I’ve never been in love?

Step 1: Chase a bird all the way to...
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Baby and the Alpha
Victoria Sue
Alpha-heir and active-duty marine Kyle Clarey never meant to challenge his uncle for the pack, but h...
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Spell it Out
Andy Gallo
Sometimes success is a matter of life or death.

Dylan Jurgenson hates camping but is stuck chaper...
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Roadside Assistance
Jodi Payne
Single dad Drew Sadler has had a bad day at work, he’s in the doghouse with his son Evan again, and...
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The Detective and the Sheriff
Jackie North
Shelby used to be a beat cop with a partner. Now he’s a detective on his own, driving through a bliz...
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How To Date A Dragon (A Here Be Dragons Prequ...
Louisa Masters
Tip #1 for dealing with dragons: be prepared for anything

My whole life, I thought dragons were m...
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Cold Hands + Warm Heart
Sophie Cox
Houston and Simon Makefield are in a rut so deep neither of them can see the way out, but when Houst...
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Gravity: Lunar Wolves Prequel
Kiki Burrelli
As eldest son to the Alpha of the strongest werewolf pack in North America, Emmett knows his future—...
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Mr Fairfax, Mr West and the Meet Cute
Anyta Sunday
“I have not the pleasure of understanding you.”
Jane Austen

Josh Fairfax is studious by nature....
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Fever (An Operation Justice Force Novella)
Reese Knightley
Tinley Marigold used to jump at any sound and feared the dark, but since Maverick arrived in the sma...
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Jewel in the Rough
Elle Keaton
Benny witnesses a brutal murder that forces him to run as far as he can as fast as he can. A friend...
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Medicine Balls
Tara Lain
When a guy’s so far out of your league he makes you hyperventilate, it’s time to call a doctor.
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My Brother's Best Friend
Spencer Spears
What do you do when you recognize someone at a glory hole?

Reeling from a breakup and being cheat...
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The Crush
Briar Prescott
Subway rides are the best part of my day. That's when I see him. The hot subway guy. He's the most b...
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Room Upgrade
Mia Monroe
What if I want my vacation fling to be a permanent stayover?

The best way to cope with finding my...
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Until His Soul Awakens
E.M. Lindsey
When Death is your soulmate, finding love has never been so heart-stopping...

As an archaeologist...
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Doors Open on the Left
Vinni George
Strangers on a train…
Dr. Brooks Bruno has one rule: don’t interrupt someone when they are reading....
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Stephen's Translator
Jocelynn Drake
When Meet Cute leads to Meet Trouble.

Ehren is the most adorable man Stephen has ever laid eyes o...
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Collar and Scruff
Lisa Oliver
Jason Mitchell knew the only way he was ever going to make something of himself was through hard wor...
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Like I Pictured
Charlie Novak
What if taking a chance photo led to love?

Bastian Roche is lonely and drifting. While he adores...
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Just a Little Prelude
Merry Farmer
Dr. Todd Sullivan has worked hard against class and social expectations to secure a position as a ph...
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Paired with the Jock
Ana Byrde
Live in the dorms, my uncle told me. It'll be fun, he said. Well, it sure is fun—for my roommate, wh...
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The Real Deal
K.M. Neuhold
Of all the places in the world I expected to see Real Wilson again after fifteen years, the ferry to...
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Fireman's Carry
Eli Easton
In the midst of a California wildfire, two opposites find their only hope for survival is each other...
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Text Me Up
Isla Olsen

Due to unfortunate happenstance, my precious phone is currently on its way to Ireland in the...
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My Kinky Housemate
Colette Davison
Can a kitten and a leather-clad geek find true love?

Nick does his best to hide who he is at work...
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Red Hot
Emma Alcott
Color me surprised when my best friend from high school—Red—walks through the door of my family's au...
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A Daddy for the Omega
Anna Wineheart
Crippled, poor, and the postmaster of ghost-town Pimbly, Wesley has enough going on in his life. Jus...
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Shadow's Origin
Alice Winters
Having another being in my head isn’t always the easiest to deal with. He’s loud, annoying...
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Tragic Flaw
Jeris Jean
He knows it's wrong. But the tension is palpable when Keaton's this close. Can he resist the temptat...
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A House of Blood and Gold
Raven Abernathy
Alphonse Blanchard took everything from me, but he gave me a purpose in return: vengeance.

The va...
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Keeping Kevin
Annabella Michaels
Being a firefighter is what Kevin Collins was born to do. He loves the adrenaline rush, the bonds he...
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Folding In
Aimee Nicole Walker
Truman Grimaldi and Sean Connor loathe each other on sight. Why? Tru is a sunny, self-taught baker,...
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Your Biggest Fan
Stella Starling
Gideon Moody has been sending his favorite star fan mail for years. He knows it’s an impossible crus...
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My Best Friend's Back
Quinn Ward
If I hadn't kissed my best friend, maybe his family would have stayed. I knew that wasn't true, but...
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Forever Asher
Rhys Everly
Ex-Navy SEAL, Straight, Traumatized and Broken.
Until I kiss my best friend...

I kissed m...
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Blood Omen
Sheena Jolie
Remi has been doing the same job for the last two thousand years: specialist courier of valuable mag...
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Lynn Van Dorn
The following romance novella contains:
* One sparkly twink. He wears make-up and there are panties...
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Until His Beginning Ends: A Scythe Series Nov...
Kiki Clark
When Death is your soulmate, finding love has never been so heart-stopping.

Enzo has only had tim...
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The Mystery of the Morelock Motel
Hank Edwards
An abandoned motel. A ghostly urban legend. A gay couple looking for answers.
Oliver Berridge has m...
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In the Morning Light
BA Tortuga
Big-name bull rider Austin McPherson has no idea when he hits up a small-time rodeo in northern New...
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Waking Wyatt: A Shore Thing Novella
Jaclyn Quinn
After accidentally bumping into a sexy silver fox in the airport, the last thing either one of us ex...
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Silent Truth
Samuel York
Real estate agent Charles Knight has a secret, but a murder in a house he’s showing threatens to exp...
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Pandora Pine
When ghost hunter and skeptic Marlowe Bond agrees to investigate the haunting of Trip Cahill’s dream...
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Garrett Leigh
A decade changes a man, but one thing never falters: how deep and hard I love Harry Foster. He’...
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Twice Bitten
Eliot Grayson
A werewolf walks into a vampire bar… ouch.

Vampire enforcer Angelo has enough problems already, a...
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Wanted: Sweet Daddy
Sammi Cee
Wanted: Sweet Daddy
A Love On Tap Prequel Novella

After watching his parents’ unhappy marriage,...
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Marked: Myron
Nora Phoenix
A crazy bet has tattoo legend Abel offering his big, hairy ass to the one man he can't get out of hi...
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Light My Way Home--A Treasure Trail MM Supern...
Morgan Brice
A shy lighthouse keeper who can talk to ghosts. A lonely ghost mourning the losses of the past and h...
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Our Hearts That Tie Us (The Magi Accounts Pre...
Michele Notaro
The first time I meet Benton Windros, I’m shocked by his kindness, especially knowing it’s coming fr...
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Burned: Emblazoned Book .5
J. D. Light
Entire and complete Mpreg romance with HEA!

Being the brother of Elias Darkriver comes with an un...
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Road Rules
Brigham Vaughn
*Rule #1: Hockey Comes First*

As NHL team captain, Zane Murphy’s goal for the upcoming season is...
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The Frat Boy (A Bluegrass Boys Short Story)
Shane Morton
All Hudson Cooper ever wanted was to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Chi Alpha Sigma....
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Stealing the Show
Lucy Lennox
The kiss is different every night. When the curtain goes up, the silent war between Jem and Dawson e...
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White Heat
Leta Blake
Forbidden love conquers all.

Sian Maxima, the heir to a great lineage, yearns to marry his childh...
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Rushed: Christopher
Sloane Kennedy
It’s been four years since I rescued young Christopher from what would have been a violent ass...
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Solo: A Captive Alphas Novella
Wendy Rathbone
In a beta-ruled world where betas are sterile and population growth is at stake, alphas and omegas a...
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Boys' Love
Rebecca James
Rama’s dream is to be an actor, so when he's offered an audition for an upcoming Boys’ Love drama, h...
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Test Me
Neve Wilder
I have no sympathy for slackers like Josh Pickett, who think that just because they’re athletes they...
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Ana Ashley
I lost everything in the fight for my daughter...

So, with my tail between my legs and completely...
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Three Lessons
Rachel Ember
A Hollywood heartthrob and a cowboy walk into a… barn?

If Reed doesn’t get over his fear of horse...
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Alan's Utterly Accidental Dream-Cute
AJ Sherwood
What happens when a Havili researcher meets a psychic dreamwalker? A dreamy meet-cute, that’s what....
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Guardian Angel in Leather
K.A. Merikan
— You don’t get to choose your guardian angel. —

El. Punk. Bag of trouble. Trig’s first love....
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Base and Balls
Lynn Michaels
Pitching with his heart meant finding a home

Derby Ward, the hottest pitcher in MLB, went home to...
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Now and Then
Lisa Henry
A rock star walks into a bar.


Owen Bannister loves his best friend Zach Baldwin like a...
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Damaged: A Necessary Evils Novella
Onley James
The first time Dimitri Castallanos experienced obsession, he committed a felony.He was five. Dimitri...
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To Kiss a Frog
Elizabeth Silver
All I wanted was to find a boyfriend who would stick around. A fairy godmother should be able to hel...
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I'll Love You at Dawn
Nicky James
Bad luck isn’t contagious, but when your name is Thorne Osland, it’s hard to make people believe it....
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The Straight Friend
Raleigh Ruebins
Ryder’s been my best friend for my whole life. Is it so wrong that I’m madly in love with him?

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Cold Light of Day
Charlie Cochet
Reaper. Fang. Wolf. Caine. An alias for each life lived.

Government operative turned assassin, W...
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Pick One
May Archer
I once lived a fairly quiet existence as a math professor. Then Teagan Donahue crashed into my life...
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Perfect Score
Christina Lee
Walking in on my best friend mid-hookup isn’t supposed to turn me on, but it’s only sex, right? Find...
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Kissing Dad's Best Friend
Crystal Lacy
Beach Tran doesn't know anything about Gabriel Jenkins the first time they kiss outside a crowded da...
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At Your Service
Alessandra Hazard
He’s a powerful man who makes decisions that shape the world.

Troy is just a pleasure servant. A...
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Brea Alepoú
Life is only worth living if there are risks at hand.
Contrary to his name, Saint has never been o...
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Demon for the Win
Meghan Maslow
Dryad Tuli Cato has 3 rules he lives by: No relationships, no drama, no trouble.

When gorgeous in...
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Ray of Sunshine
Casey Cox
Moving back to his hometown of Sunshine at the age of thirty-seven was never in Ray's plans. Neither...
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Texas Detour
Kelly Fox
Go west.

That’s the phrase that’s been drumming in my chest ever since my brother died. We spent...
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Dirty Magic
Richard Amos
Cupcakes and bloodshed.

Damn. What did I do to deserve this?

All I want is a new life away fro...
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Unscathed (A Catharsis Novella)
Luna David
What do prom night, a car accident, and a BDSM club have in common? The sexy CEO of Gallagher Hotels...
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K.C. Wells
All Charlie had to do was lie there and act wounded.
All Daniel did was pick him up and carry him....
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Cursed is the Worst
E.J. Russell
An awkward swan shifter walks into a barre…

…after he’s already walked into the door, two people...
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Top Notch Boyfriend
Lauren Blakely
A red-hot, witty, feel-good, fake boyfriend novella from #1 NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely!
After fa...
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Blood Sins: A Paranormal Romance
Jex Lane
Vampire Cyprian Von Bamberg has spent centuries hiding in the shadows, existing only to eliminate th...
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The Tinker’s Apprentice (MM Paranormal Romanc...
Jordan Castillo Price
Magical bonds can move mountains…or at least keep the magichanical appliances running.
Conrad has a...
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