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Happy Halloween! Here's a boat load of free books and short stories for you. Nothing is better than some scary stories on Halloween night. Be sure to join the author's mailing list as a thank you. Leave reviews if you like what you read.

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Breakers of the Dawn
Zachariah Wahrer
Jeff Dosser
13: A Baker’s Dozen of Suspense and Horror Ta...
David Six
The Shadow of Armageddon
Jim LeMay
The Disappeared (Short Story)
Irving Belateche
It Began With a Lie
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Camille Picott
Cicada Summer
Jeff Dosser
The Long Night (Short Story)
Rowan Rook
Merrie Dawn
Chris Andrews
Flight of the Mariner
Zachariah Wahrer
The Worst Man on Mars
Mark Roman
Triumph of a Teenage Werevulture
Emily Martha Sorensen
Aurora Springer
Children of The Gods: A Soren Darnega Novelet...
DH Bookstore
Jaydon: A Dawn Saga Short Story
Zachariah Wahrer
Night Plague
Rowan Rook
Curious Goods - Pandora's Box (Book 1)
Bones Monroe
The Risen
Adam Smith
Since the Sirens: Sirens of the Zombie Apocal...
EE Isherwood
No Safe Haven Preview
Kyla Stone
Boomers for the Stars (COMPLETE Hugo-nominate...
Sue Hollister Barr
Tribulation: Soulless Wanderers Prequel
Drew Strickland
The Creeper Dance, Reaper #1
Darcy Lennox
Equilibria, SAMPLE
Lillian Carrero
Fragments of an Undigested Potato
Andrew Lawston
Four Crazy Short Stories
Charles Harvey
Othello and Zombies - Sample
Aaron Frale
A Prncess of Bars
Jim LeMay
Macabre Morsels
Jeff Dosser
Anti Life
Allen Kuzara
Motel Black
Sean Hogan
Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
The Legion and the Lioness
Robert Armstrong
Flash Back [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
Neon Sands: a trilogy
Adam Smith
Aaron Frale
When the Cities Died, I Danced by C. C. Browe...
Midwest Journal Press
Fulfilled Alien Passion
Sharon Barrington
Atmospheric Pressure
Aaron Frale
The Voice of the Beyond
Sean Hogan
The Forgotten Web: A Novella
Sara C. Snider
The Grim Adventures of Meryl & Doug
Sean Hogan
Plains of Ion
Adam Smith
Remeon - The Search Begins
J.W. Garrett
Xmas Elf: Secret Agent - Sample
Aaron Frale
Redwood: Servant of the State
Jaxon Reed
Two Miles Down
David McGowan
The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot Pentacle...
Noel Eastwood
Drought of Souls
Max Sparrow
The Descendants
DH Bookstore
William's War
Robert McDermott
If There Be Giants [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
The Ashes of Aubrey Milner [preview]
Ellison Blackburn
The Way
James R. Tramontana
Halloween House (Short Story)
Rowan Rook
Legacy of Dolyn - Volume 2 (sample)
Amelia Guillem
Kal's Fall - The Teristaque Chronicles - Part...
Aaron Frale
The ToyMaker
Max Sparrow
Ira Heinichen
BOO! A Halloween Story
George Saoulidis
Smile For The Camera
Max Sparrow
Death of Day
Megan O'Russell
Memos From the Wasteland
M.P. Fitzgerald
Four Short Stories
Chris Andrews
Utopia Gone
Zachariah Wahrer
The Future of London Box Set (Books 1-3): L-2...
Mark Gillespie
The Prophet
Sunshine Somerville
Diary of Night #1
Will Allred
SHIPS (preview, 99 cents to read the rest)
Sue Hollister Barr
Proximity: Children of the Red Sun [preview]
Andrew Schwarz
Michael W. Huard
Don't Ask About the Guy in the Basement
Jason Ingolfsland
The Hard Choice
Fuad Baloch
Alasdair Shaw
The Heisenberg Corollary (Preview)
C. H. Duryea
The Fool's Journey through the Tarot Major Ar...
Noel Eastwood
Echo Effect
Robert Armstrong
The Hidden: Episode One: Jack's Disease
Andrew Michael Schwarz
Tumbleweeds of Terror: 17 Tiny Western Horror...
Hugh Wesley