A free selection of short stories from some amazing new MM romance authors, who published their first works in 2021/2022.

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Perfect Blend
Lee Blair
Maybe Something More
Aries France
The Games We Love (an Artists and Athletes No...
CD Rachels
Willow Thomas
Charm Me
Beck Grey
The Flower Arrangement
K. C. Carmine
Bare Beginning: A Built for You Story
TH Compton
A Clean Slate
Harper Robson
Rae Marks
Remi Varlow
Bear Affair
Colin Dereham
The Same Old Love
Marie Sinclair
Spirits Merging - Sanang Novella
Arian Williams
Am I Pretty Daddy?
Freesia Woodley
Long Time Coming
Ava Olsen
I Touch Hoses
Bix Barrow
Forever Finn
Vawn Cassidy