A free selection of short stories from some amazing new MM romance authors, who published their first works in 2021/2022.

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Willow Thomas
The Games We Love (an Artists and Athletes No...
CD Rachels
Rae Marks
Am I Pretty Daddy?
Freesia Woodley
Remi Varlow
I Touch Hoses
Bix Barrow
Bear Affair
Colin Dereham
The Same Old Love
Marie Sinclair
Spirits Merging - Sanang Novella
Arian Williams
Long Time Coming
Ava Olsen
Perfect Blend
Lee Blair
The Flower Arrangement
K. C. Carmine
A Clean Slate
Harper Robson
Bare Beginning: A Built for You Story
TH Compton
Maybe Something More
Aries France
Charm Me
Beck Grey