Halloween is the time for some epic M/M stories! This collection of Halloween m/m goodness is the best remedy for spooky nights.

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Goiter Head
K.C. Littleton
Finding Halloween - A Finding Home Short Stor...
Gigi Kern
Wicked (A Heaven and Hell Club short story)
Colette Davison
Caped Crusader
Katey Hawthorne
A Fool's Errand
Ariana Lee
The Hippy and the Haunted Staircase
Jeff Jacobson
Witch Minion
Lissa Kasey
Morgan Brice
A Pumpkin Patch Proposal- A Point Pleasant Ho...
Shane Morton
No Biting: A Vampire Daddy Kink Short
Julia McBryant
Lord Trenton's All Hallows' Eve
Colbie Dunbar
His Favorite Treat
Ashe Winters
Sweet Spot: A Pine Cove Companion Story
HJ Welch
Candy Security: An Omegas of Animals Short
Lorelei M. Hart
Rafael's Haunted Halloween
Alex Silver
Foxy Heart, A Blade & Dust Short
Rhys Lawless
The Virgin Pirate
DK Sutton
The Wild Hunt
Cari Z.
Crista Crown
Spooking Shay
Kiska Gray