Ready for a new Paranormal book to read? Check out these great titles! Happy reading.

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Night Plague
Rowan Rook
Humankind will soon be extinct. A mysterious pandemic cut through two-thirds of the population in ju...
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The Weeping Lady
A. F. Stewart
Eva has mother issues.
And now she has a missing sister.
Rushing home to help with the search, she...
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Haunting Bryce
Julianne Q Johnson
The ghost of an old woman haunts Bryce night after night, begging him to do something about her crue...
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Mirror Image
Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Linda's relationship with her sister Elizabeth had always been difficult. Then Elizabeth committed s...
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Dark Blooded Desires
Nicki Ruth
Alone, asleep, and adrift. That’s how Alexios finds the woman he takes aboard his ship. But she’s no...
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Myleah (Preview)
Imani L Hawkins
One death can destroy many...

Myleah, a Fallen angel, had been through hell and back, only to be...
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Curious Goods - Pandora's Box (Book 1)
Bones Monroe
Paul received the worst news that a father can receive, his beautiful, precious daughter has a termi...
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Succubus Sins (Preview)
J.R. Thorn
A reverse harem romance and book 1 of the Blood Stone series.
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We All Fall To Ashes
Max Sparrow
What if the world really was this way? Is the world this way? Could you imagine living in a time whe...
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Chronicles of the Undead
A. F. Stewart
Three generations bound together under a horrifying family secret.
Vampires exist. ...
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Twin Shift
Tia Didmon
Emily loves her new life as a wolf. Her sexy mates are unable to keep their hands off her, making he...
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Hunter's Passion
Tia Didmon
Her experiments ravaged his species. He wants to ravish her.

Dr. Racheal Smith will never forgiv...
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The Dragon's Little Surprise
Bookarama Publishing
Being a dragon is hard enough, but being a gay one is even harder.

River is a you...
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Blood Flows Deep
N. Isabelle Blanco

He wants to kill me . . . More than that, he wants to see me die. &#...
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Song of Nighttide
Megan O'Russell
Nighttide has come and with it demons who prowl the darkened streets, killing those who stray from s...
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ID Johnson
If vampires aren't real, what did she just kill?
Cadence Findley never gave much thought to vampire...
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Ghosts, Werewolves and Zombies—Oh My! A Colle...
Sarina Dorie
These stories contain randy vampires, naughty necromancers and ghouls who just want to have fun. Thi...
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Gail Z. Martin
A ghostly cat may be the only clue to help Cassidy, Sorren and Teag stop a necromancer's deadly spre...
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Lost Boy
Anya J Cosgrove
Liam Walker was a typical teenager... Until he became a demon.

Things used to be easy for me. I h...
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Spells Salt and Steel (Excerpt) Season 1
Gail Z. Martin
all else fails, the ass end of a carp makes a damn fine weapon.”
Your new favorite monster hunter...
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Spirits Rising
Krista D. Ball
Rachel has no trouble believing in spirits. It's the living she has a tough time believing in. &...
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The Gilded King
Josie Jaffrey
In the Blue, the world’s last city, all is not well.
Julia is stuck within its walls. She serves th...
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Birth of the Forbidden
RM Alexander
Dr. Sophia Collingsworth plays a dangerous game of mixing human and animal DNA. As the government st...
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The Secret of Everdon Manor
L.C. Kincaide
How can she trust her senses when nothing is as it appears?

The party invitation...
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Playing with Fire (FIRE Trilogy, Book 1)
Devika Fernando
If you’re playing with fire, prepare to get burned – or to fall in love.

Sparks fly when Felicia...
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The Long Night (Short Story)
Rowan Rook
Two weeks ago, the sun went down and never came up. Bay stares through her apartment window - longin...
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Paxton: Return to Myre Falls
Anastasia Chase
Bianca loved dogs. She always had. That's why she opened the only no-kill shelter in town, and she w...
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Payback's A Witch
Breanna Hayse
Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned-- but when that woman is a witch, hell is nothing but a tropica...
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Soul Solstice
H.L. Morley
No flood of water, no gust of air,
Could make her world any easier to bear.
This journey not from...
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Shadow Walker
Anya J Cosgrove
A newborn witch is hunted for her blood. Two smoking-hot brothers teach her how to survive. Can she...
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Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Series Book 1)
Lisa Edmonds
The first time Moses Murphy’s granddaughter killed on his orders, she was six years old.
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Target (The Royal Cleaner: Book One)
L.C. Mawson
When Caroline swore a sacred oath to protect magic, she never anticipated falling for a human. &...
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House of Guardians: Paranormal Romance - Sons...
Beatrice Sand
A compelling story line, a trilogy, good characters, demigods, mystery, naked wrestling, a handsome...
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Ghosts of Averoigne
Krista Wolf
As a ranking member of the ultra-secretive Hallowed Order, Kara LoPresti has seen some extraordinary...
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All Men Are Gods
Shelley Young
Black ops soldier Michael Manus believed it would be his last mission, but when the Pentagon sends h...
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The Deal
SCCunningham Books
5* Feisty Amy Fox hates rules. She's a new Angel but for how long? Abusing her powers, lusting afte...
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