Authors are providing the first chapter(s) of their books for your to try and see if you like their writing style. Full length books will be available from the link within the book you have claimed.

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Leather and Cuffs Book 2
Sky McCoy
The Lesbian Billionaires Club
KC Luck
Badlands—New Excerpt
Morgan Brice
Bathhouse Confessions - gay romance - (previe...
Nathan Bay
Trial & Error Trials of Love Book One
DK Sutton
Loving Kate: Love Is Complicated (Bisexual Er...
David Stone
The Dragon's Little Secret
Bookarama Publishing
Bear Hunting - gay erotica (preview)
Nathan Bay
Ellie is lesbian
Ruby A. Smith
Witchbane—an Excerpt
Morgan Brice
King of the Sea (preview)
Nathan Bay
Mars Craves Men: A Gay Sci-Fi Time Travel Adv...
Bronson Biggs
Sweet Truths
Elouise East
R.J. Collins
How to Shield an Assassin
AJ Sherwood
Treasure Trail—an excerpt
Morgan Brice
Leather and Chrome (Partial)
Sky McCoy
The Mirror
Max Sparrow
I Wish I Were Special, A Daddy Kink Novel: So...
Julia McBryant
Jon's Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case
AJ Sherwood
Young Forever - a gay erotic thriller (previe...
Nathan Bay
Caught on Camera: Part One
Lily Harlem