Fireborn - Book 1 in the Fireborn Series

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Fireborn - Book 1 in the Fireborn Series


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Paranormal buff Andy’s dreams come true when he becomes the newest member of the Guild of shadows: an organization tasked with maintaining the balance of the supernatural. After a botched goblin hunt, Andy is punished with dusting the shelves, and happens upon a spell to summon a wish-granting djinn. Exactly what he needs to save his sister from rheumatoid arthritis.

Except binding himself to Jinjiri, a rebellious, young djinn-in-training who refuses his wish, unbalances the supernatural world, allowing all sorts of creatures to flood into the earth. The squabbling twosome have seven days to close the veil and stop the djinn king Ibis from reclaiming the earth. If they fail, Andy, his djinn and every last human will be fed to the scorpions.