Silence of the Gods:The Ferryman's Disciples

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Silence of the Gods:The Ferryman's Disciples


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His life has been stolen by the gods of Egypt. The only way to get it back is to do their bidding. He must find the Greek gods hiding on Earth, eliminate them, and harvest their energy. His true name, now just another memory ripped from his mind, has been locked away by the sun God, Ra. He is called Segree - silence.

For fourteen months he has served Ra and his pantheon of gods, and in that time, seven Greek gods have fallen to his divine axes. Now it is Charon, the Ferryman of the Dead who blocks the path to fulfilling Ra's demands. With the divine powers of ancient Egypt at his disposal, Segree must hunt down the Ferryman and take his life or lose his own.

However Charon has remained hidden, alive and well, among the humans for two thousand years. He plans to stay that way.