The Ghost in my iPad - 12:12

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The Ghost in my iPad - 12:12


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In 12:12 Jengo’s friend Lily, a ghost, needs his help. Lily's father, Mike Veaton, a forest ranger, disappears while investigating illegal hunting in the national forest. Jengo and his pal, Billy, soon find the tall trees hide dark secrets and discover clues of a reprehensible plot to bring illegal hunting into the park. During their search, they find a Weimaraner puppy, beaten and near death just inside the national forest.
They fear the dog's abuse may indicate Lily's father is also in mortal danger and recruit more friends to help search for him. With Lily and the recovering dog’s help, they find Mike unconscious. Trying to revive him, they fall into the hands the illegal hunters.
Follow Jengo through the National forest as he tries to help his ghost friend.