Hope for Charity: A Clean Regency Romance Short Story

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Hope for Charity: A Clean Regency Romance Short Story


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Look INSIDE: I want to marry for love,” Charity had once said when she was very young.
“Don’t be ridiculous,” her mother had retorted. “Do you wish to be poor too, now?”
Charity didn’t think it would be awful to be poor, not if you had love. It seemed rather romantic to her to have nothing but one another and told her mother so.
Mother had snorted and laughed in a most unladylike manner, and Charity had never brought the subject up again with her. She had however spoken with her father, before his mind began to wander, and he told her tales of love that her mother never would have shared. She loved the easy camaraderie that existed between her and her father, and wished at least that regard from her husband: