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Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business


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5* REVIEWS "Blown away to the point of speechless, shocking, vivid, bloody well written!" - "I read the book in one sitting." - "I raise a glass, I'd love to meet anyone who writes like this." - "Cunningham has done it again! What a fantastic writer." - "Unfinished Business is every bit as good as The Penance List. You did not disappoint."

Tara Warr has had enough, time to turn the tables on her stalker and make him suffer as she has done.
A skilled mix of fueled tension, dark humor and pulsating sex scenes, we continue the roller coaster ride of psychotic David Howard's obsession with his childhood sweetheart.

Book I - 'The Penance List' - ASIN B00B0HMTW4 - FREE
Book II - 'Unfinished Business' - ASIN B00B623ABC
Book III - 'For My Sins' - (In Progress)