Wind of Choice (8 ch sample)

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Wind of Choice (8 ch sample)


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A winged young man bargains to rescue the gods. If he can find them...

Ahjin has always dreamed of being a skydancer like his parents, but the best day of his life quickly becomes the worst when he is assigned to be a priest instead.

Desperate to regain control of his destiny, the winged sixteen-year-old winged boy is left with only one chance to win back his freedom. All he has to do is to find and rescue a kidnapped god from a mysterious force powerful enough to restrain a deity.

How hard could it be?

But when the other three gods also disappear, the elements threaten to tear the world apart, and there’s more at stake than Ahjin’s dreams. With the help of a gilled islander, a desert explorer, and a shapeshifting healer, Ahjin races against escalating disasters to save his shattering