Robot Empire: Victor, a novelette

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Robot Empire: Victor, a novelette


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We created them to serve us. We gave them freedom. They betrayed us.
If you enjoy the science fiction of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke and Ray Bradbury you'll enjoy this adventure - the prequel to the forthcoming Robot Empire series.
Victor Kansarv moved to Praxos IV to live out a contented, solitary, life with his friend Wells, a robot. Then humans built a holiday resort for the citizens of the Galactic Sphere to enjoy, ruining his view. Ten years after its completion comes news that changes everything - artificial minds are to be granted Free Will.
Victor's fear that his friendship won't survive the upgrade turns out to be the least of his concerns when the screams start echoing up from the resort below.
Can Victor and Wells rescue themselves and the humans below from catastrophe?