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Above & Below - Mountain Misfits MC Prologue

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Above & Below - Mountain Misfits MC Prologue


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She’ll make him burn down the past and forge the future from the ashes

Up on the mountain I’m of club royalty. I am the legacy.
I am the man who was sent to save the Mountain Misfits MC from my father’s need for destruction.
But maybe I don’t want to take on this burden anymore.
Maybe I want a white picket fence and a good woman to settle down with.
Maybe I’m tired of this blood on my hands.
Or maybe I want it all. One foot on the mountain, the other down below, chasing after a woman who doesn’t see me for the man I truly am. A woman who likes my leather cut. A woman who’s smart enough to know better, but damaged enough to not care.

Above & Below is the Prequel to The Mountain Misfits MC and features drugs, violence, and abuse. Major Cliffhanger!