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1880s Arizona:
Renowned silversmith Alec Twelve Trees is arrested & beaten by a rogue US Cavalry patrol.

Alec is half-Navajo & this act of blatant racism invokes the ire of the entire village. While its citizens try to convince the Army to leave, Alec is nursed back to health by Irene Donovan.

Overindulged by her family, Irene often lets her willfulness trump her better nature. But Alec understands her: he’s been her best friend since grade school & loved her almost as long. Yet he’s certain she’d never accept him.

When a parade of suitors comes through her father’s door, Irene’s frivolous nature erupts again. She escapes one hazard with her honor barely intact. Then danger threatens & Alec must decide if he’ll risk his life to save her, or spend his last few days in her arms.