A Kiss of Shadow

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A Kiss of Shadow


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A dead witch. An indifferent Fae court. Two detectives, completely at odds.

Mica Scott killed a witch. Indirectly. A witch herself, Mica is assigned to find a witch suspected of lacing human drugs with unearthly enchantments. Instead of finding her, Mica is nearly taken in by her ex and Fae, Phillip, as well as human supernatural agent, Connor Padgett.

When the witch's body is found the next night in the Fae realm, Mica feels nothing but guilt. She's given the chance to redeem herself, but it means going over to the Court of Darkness and working with Fae Kingsguard leader, Gabriel Burr.

Gabriel has his own demons, but solving this case - even if it means working with a witch - is something he must sacrifice in order to find the murderer.