2019 UPDATE  "Buddha's Mom: The Neurobiology of Spiritual Awakening"

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2019 UPDATE "Buddha's Mom: The Neurobiology of Spiritual Awakening"


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Deep emotional pain is the starting line...

Written with an inviting, warm-hearted voice, this creative and helpful integration of neuroscience and attachment theory gives us new ways to think and feel about mindfulness, transformation - and ourselves.
Rick Hanson, Ph.D. Author of Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom

Dr. Schroder eloquently explores the human psyche with its mysterious energies, emotional upheavals, pains, disturbances of self, joy, love and compassion. In a voice that is skillful, erudite, humorous and poetic he intimately brings us in touch with two attachments. What seems contradictory at first arcs to remarkably deep insights literally embodied in the construct of Buddha’s Mom.
Sabine Grunwald, PhD.
Director, UF Mindfulness Program