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Tracking A Shadow:A Jarvis Mann Hardboiled Detective Novel

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Tracking A Shadow:A Jarvis Mann Hardboiled Detective Novel


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PI Jarvis Mann was captivated by the sultry tones of his female client…

Emily White with girl next door looks and shimmering eyes that begged for help…

She is being stalked but isn’t certain by whom…

…and this wasn’t the first time

Three suspects…

An ex-husband who lives to play softball

A sexist pig ex-employee who believes he is god’s gift to women

And a mystery man who Jarvis encounters with painful results

Still Jarvis begins to think it’s all in Emily’s head

Until a killing in her home convinces him otherwise

When a powerful business man and crime boss becomes involved, things really get complicated

Soon Jarvis is the prime suspect in the brutal beating of one of the possible stalkers

Threatening to put his PI career on ice!