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Dark Water

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Dark Water


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Dan Roy is back. So is a bullet with his name on it.
Dan is back home to settle his affairs. Then he is free. Free to roam the world.
But when an innocent woman is abducted in broad daylight, Dan responds to her call for help.
His actions leads him into the dangerous vortex of a global plot. A plot designed to cripple America.
Maybe for good.
Deep under the blue waters of the Eastern Seaboard hides a deadly secret, and the enemy know about it.
They have arrived, and will stop at nothing to unleash mayhem.
Only Dan Roy, ex Black Ops warrior, stands in their way. This time, even Dan might have taken on more than he can handle...
But Dan is a survivor, and come hell or high water, he will fight till his last breath.

"Dan Roy is the man I want on my side," Michael Naveh