My Cannibal Lover

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My Cannibal Lover


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Lupe and the mercenary crew of the spaceship Puerco track a shapeshifting killing machine on a planet of pure Hell. Their only food in the barren frontier wasteland: Manny the Ration, a walking human foodstuff who makes Lupe sick to the stomach. As Lupe and her men close in on their target, the fugitive killer strikes back brutally, devouring her crew one by one. With no one else to turn to, Lupe must team with Manny the Ration for a death-defying chase through an ever-changing wilderness. In the heat of a race for their lives, Lupe finds herself doing the unthinkable: falling in love with Manny. But what will she do when her only chance for survival lies in eating the edible man she loves?