Deadly Vanity: A Suspenseful Mystery

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Deadly Vanity: A Suspenseful Mystery


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Jaymie Allen had everything... until she didn’t. As a young mogul and social media influencer, she’s been promoting her latest launch for months. In addition to debuting new products for her successful cosmetics company, she’s told her millions of followers that she’ll be making her biggest announcement ever on this night - a secret they won’t want to miss. The most popular bloggers, stars, and makeup artists in the industry will be there. But after a tragic accident, the night does not go as planned. As the beautiful Los Angeles palm trees continue to sway, the city's biggest starlet is laid to rest. Could someone have had a bone to pick with Jaymie?

Secrets and lies will unfold in this complex mystery. Because in a city of smoke and mirrors, a family portrait is never what it seems.